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Headscratchers: The Proud Family
  • In the movie, Penny is sixteen years old instead of 14. However, the babies, Bebe and Cece, appear to still be the same age. What's up with that?
    • Maybe Roker did it.
      • The babies might have been two by that point (there are two year olds that look like babies) and or it is just like Family Guy and the Simpsons, the other characters age up but some remain the same.
  • What's the deal with the Gross Sisters? Is it ever explained why they have blue skin?
    • Wild Mass Guessing here, but a couple of episodes showed their mom and dad having the same blue skin. Perhaps it's a genetic thing involving the pigment of their skin.
      • I like to think they're part Smurf. But in fact there is a rare skin disorder, Methemoglobinemia, that gives a blue tinge to the afflicted; oddly most of them are from Kentucky. Maybe the Grosses have people back in the hills?
    • It's just a visual effect to show that they have ashy skin. Penny turns the same color when she decides to emulate the Gross Sisters and says to the audience "Yeah, I'm ashy, and yeah, I'm in boot camp" in response to the audience seeing her altered state.
  • Why is it that... Penny can accept that Dijonay is a backstabbing bitch, but once she's better at Penny with poetry... Dijonay's the anti-Christ?
    • I remember another episode that refutes that. Dijonay leaves Penny to care for her brothers and sisters while she goes out to a concert. The tickets turn out to be counterfeit and she's kicked out. Penny arrives with the kids and the musicians after they had a close encounter and Penny definitely didn't forgive Dijonay for ditching her nor did her brothers and sisters. It was then when Dijonay admitted out loud by herself that what she did was wrong. Penny hears it and forgives her. So yeah, she doesn't always get away with it.
  • In the Thingy episode, around the end, after Penny is proven wrong about her father cheating on her mother, Penny's mother makes a joke about only leaving her father for Denzel Washington. When Oscar says the same thing about Halle Berry, suddenly everything is dead serious and everyone was pissed off at him. Why? What makes what he said any different from what Trudy said?
    • Because only girls are allowed to say their fantasies in public. *rolls eyes* I guess it's funnier when Oscar suffers.
    • I always thought that that was the point... to point out a Double Standard...
    • This (white) troper's problem is why Trudy picks Denzel Washington. Why not Billy Dee Williams?
      • Because people in this show's age bracket who aren't huge Star Wars nuts might not know who Billy Dee Williams is. That would be like Oscar saying Nichelle Nicholls or Pam Grier over Halle Berry.
      • Also, maybe Denzel is just her personal preference? And Bill Dee Williams is older while Denzel Washington is younger and maybe around Trudy's age bracket.
  • Why is Suga Mama never punished or called out for being such a horrible parent to Oscar? Seriously, she long jumped past parental favoritism and landed squarely in child abuse territory.
  • If Lacienga is not friends with Penny, then why is she always with Penny and her friends?
    • They might be neighbors, or cousins.....nah.
  • Is Trudy black or white?
    • She's black. In one episode that takes place in the fifties, she's even flat-out stated to be a "colored veterinarian".
    • She's just light skinned. And for some reason, even lighter than her mother and father, brother and sisters as well.
    • This troper always assumed she was Latina. It's possible she could be mixed race however.
  • In one episode, Oscar has Penny do a ton of tough chores, only for it to turn out that Trudy asked him to do all those chores. He then pays Penny five bucks (if I recall correctly) despite all the hard work she did. This prompts her to stage a mini revolt with the other kids because of their "unfair" allowances. In the end, the moral is that allowances are a privilege, not a right, and she goes home. That's okay and all, but Penny started the mini revolt because Oscar got away with tricking her in to doing all his work with no remorse. Doesn't that lead to a Broken Aesop of sorts?
    • This show is full of those.
    • It's rather hard to take some of these seriously given how shitty people act to each other. I guess one of the points of the show was that life's not fair and that some people will get away with stuff, but it's so outlandish in trying to present other aesops and morals that it's hard to take it seriously.
  • Why exactly is Oscar the ONLY character to be a frequent victim of cartoonish slapstick mishaps (i.e being electricuted, flattened like a pancake, being charred to a crisp, etc.) and no one else seems to suffer such mishaps, the only other character who seems have this trait is Penny.

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