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Oscar sells crack cocaine to support his Pround Snax projects
Just be glad I didn't make him a pimp.

The talking baby who seems to hate Oscar so much is actually The Brain, reincarnated.
They look similar. They sound similar. They act similar. Now, The Brain actually has a shot at world domination. When he grows up...
  • Oscar might be Pinky reincarnated, which would explain why the talking baby likes to torment him, because Pinky might be responsible for them becoming humans.

Wizard Kelly has no head.
The main reason he's so rich is that he won a huge settlement suit against the NBA after he lost his head in a tragic basketball accident.
  • We've seen the upper part (from the mouth up) of his head on occasion, though only from the back, or in silhouette. All this means is that he wears some kind of prosthesis; it's hideously unsettling or inadequate in appearance, perhaps made out of immobile wax.
    • No, the top of his head is a basketball with prosthetics.
      • Oscar did it with the Friends on the other side he is made of.
      • Actually, the Wizard's full face IS visible in the background in the episode "One In A Million" right before Oscar takes the shot for the million dollars
      • Maybe he became a Dullahan after the accident

All natural disasters are caused by Al Roker.
He's a weatherman, he's a genie, and he's evil. Clearly, he's using his supernatural power to wreak havoc on the rest of us. The reason why the U.S is the country with the most tornados? Roker.
  • Hey, he's probably doing it to sabotage the main news teams! It all makes sense!

What are Proud Snacks really made of?
I say it's people. Any other guesses?
  • Evil. Pure evil.
  • They're made with voodoo. Oscar has friends on the other side.
  • Leftovers or crap.
  • He mixes up too much flavors that everyone likes. The result is an indescribably awful taste.
  • When he makes them he accidentally grabs a can of something disgusting instead of some other ingrediant. Every time.

Stop me if you've heard this one before...
Many people have proposed that Oscar is in fact Dr. Facilier, but I have a different spin on the idea. Oscar is not aware of the fact that he is Facilier. Facilier is trapped inside of Oscar and manifests as a sort of voice inside his head, telling him to make bad decisions and sell his terrible snacks. The same things goes for Sugar Mama, although she knows she's Mama Odie. And Oscar's Butt-Monkey status is punishment from his friends on the other side.
  • Alternate Theory: Facilier's "friends on the other side" didn't punish him by sucking him into Hell for all eternity as previously assumed. Instead they reincarnated him as Oscar Proud, which is arguably worse.
    • Alternate Alternate Theory (and one that I know has been mentioned before, but hey): Facilier is a blood relative of Oscar's. Facilier's "friends" decided to curse his descendants on top of dragging him into the underworld.

At least one of Dijonay's so-called "siblings" is actually her own kid.
I mean, just look at her.

Trudy cheats on Oscar.
  • And the evidence is?...
    • It's a WMG, it doesn't technically need evidence. However, the WMGs with the most evidence tend to be the most interesting and fun ones.

Lacienega's grandfather is The Joker.
Specifically, he's the Adam West series version of The Joker. He wears a purple suit, has green hair, laughs a lot, and looks like an elderly Cesar Romero. This would also explain why he isn't victimizing anyone with the kind of things that other versions of the Joker would do. Unless it's just age getting in the way.

The Shape Shifting Girl was removed from the show.
Because she decided to become a criminal mastermind, and using her powers she could easily be whatever she wanted...her only mistake was finding her uncle Basil AKA Clayface but as it happened he wanted a protege...

Oscar isn't the only one who knows the talking baby.
The baby is a jerkass enjoys tormenting other people he considers to be stupid. Oscar is his latest victim.

Wizard Kelly is Slenderman's African-American cousin
The entire Proud Family universe is actually where he keeps all of the people he has 'vanished', that's why he controls everything and why his face is never shown.

Oscar sells crack cocaine to support his Pround Snax projects
Oscar and Trudy are both expies of Martin and Gina

The Boulevardez family are related to the Terwilligers
That would explain the big feet.