Heartwarming / The Proud Family


Season 1
  • At the ending of the episode "Tiger Whisperer," this exchange between Trudy and Penny.
    Penny: Mama, do you think Ajay will find his mom?
    Trudy: I don't know, but I hope so.
    Penny: I hope so, too because I know I would be lost without you.
    Trudy: Really, Penny?
    Penny: Yeah. I love you, Mama.
    Trudy: I love you, too.
    Oscar: Hey, can't Daddy get some love, too? I left floor seats to come here.
    Penny: Of course you can, Daddy.
  • In "The Makeover", Nubia (the elder sister and leader of the Gross Sisters) has a sweet moment when she forces Penny to give Olay a makeover because her sister wanted one.
  • In "The Party", after Penny's attempt at throwing a house party fails, Lou Rawls (playing himself) comes to cheer her up.

Season 2
  • Clarence St. John (Roscoe Lee Browne), a rich man with Alzheimer's likes Suga Mama just the way she is.
  • In "Penny Potter", Suga Mama's sister, Sista Spice, attempts to scam poor Oscar out of a lot of money, only to be foiled at the last moment by Suga Mama. When Oscar is surprised, she tells him "I don't always like ya... but I'll always love ya."

Season 3
  • Penny standing up for Michael when he gets bullied in "Who You Callin' A Sissy?"


  • Penny saying that she accepts her family just the way they were in the movie.
    • Oscar and Penny's heart-to heart talk after them falling in the peanut butter in the stadium and Oscar giving Penny her necklace back and telling her "Happy Birthday" and the crowd goes "awwww."
    • Oscar FINALLY letting Penny make decisions for herself.
    • Suga Mama finally being proud of Oscar.