Heartwarming / The Proud Family

  • Penny saying that she accepts her family just the way they were in the movie.
    • Oscar and Penny's heart-to heart talk after them falling in the peanut butter in the stadium and Oscar giving Penny her necklace back and telling her "Happy Birthday" and the crowd goes "awwww."
    • Oscar FINALLY letting Penny make decisions for herself.
    • Suga Mama finally being proud of Oscar.
  • At the ending of the episode "Tiger Whisperer," this exchange between Trudy and Penny.
    Penny: Mama, do you think Ajay will find his mom?
    Trudy: I don't know, but I hope so.
    Penny: I hope so, too because I know I would be lost without you.
    Trudy: Really, Penny?
    Penny: Yeah. I love you, Mama.
    Trudy: I love you, too.
    Oscar: Hey, can't Daddy get some love, too? I left floor seats to come here.
    Penny: Of course you can, Daddy.
  • In 'The Party,' after Penny's attempt at throwing a house party fails, Lou Rawls (playing himself) comes to cheer her up.
  • Clarence St. John (Roscoe Lee Browne), a rich man with Alzheimer's likes Suga Mama just the way she is.