Funny / The Proud Family

  • There’s a lot of funny moments on the episode “It Takes a Thief”
    • At the house.
    Oscar: (looking at Suga Mama with camera) Sssh! I'm getting footage of the legendary Big Foot!
    Suga Mama: I got your big foot right here! (She kicks Oscar)
    • And another one at the house.
    Trudy: Get up, Oscar. We have to take the twins to the zoo.
    Oscar: Come on, Trudy. The twins don't want to go to Suga Mama's house!
    Suga Mama: (attempts to punch Oscar)
    Oscar: (Dodges Suga Mama)Ha ha, you missed!!
    Suga Mama: (Punches Oscar)
    Oscar: Owww!!
    • And here's one at the store.
    Oscar: Just a little bit more.
    Suga Mama: Hey, Oscar, get a shot of this.
    Oscar: (Turns to look at Suga Mama with a half-shirt and short shorts, then screams, then camera len breaks)
    Trudy: What's wrong, baby, did you break your camera?
    Oscar: No, worse.
    • Um, your mileage may vary on that last one, considering the fact that what he broke was HIS EYES.
  • There’s one scene on “Forbidden Date”
    Lacienega: A pie-eating contest? Perhaps?
    Penny: You know what, Lacienega? If you say one more thing...
    Carlos: That's okay, Penny. I'm bigger than that.
    Lacienega: That you are.
    (Bebe and Cece use a slingshot to hurl ice cream at Lacienega’s eyes)
    (laughter)(siren blaring)
    Penny: Well, I guess we've got to go.
  • Just about every scene with Oscar and the talking baby.
  • Almost all of Papi's insults towards Suga Mama, proving that subtitles can be fun.
  • From "Love Thy Neighbor".
    Oscar: I'm sure they're not that bad.
    (Lacienega shows her extremely huge feet)
  • Just about every moment when Dijonay harasses Sticky.
  • In the Halloween episode, when Penny, (as a superhero) is at a party, Lacienega insults Penny, and Penny uses her ice breath to cause Lacienega to slip and fall.
  • The ending to one episode where Oscar sees the babies sending a tied-up Puff to the moon on a rocket.
    Oscar: Houston, we have a problem.
  • The Hilarious Outtakes in "The Legend of Johnny Lovely".
    Suga Mama: (getting blown away by the wind) WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOA!!
    (the camera pans to show Papi behind a gigantic fan)
  • The episode with the house keeper, Renee, has all the bad house keepers who get rejected, but the following is a standout.
    Oscar: Your resume is very impressive.
    Candidate: Thank you. I just love kids, I love cooking, I love keeping a clean house and...I LOVE YOU! AHAHA! (the family has a collective Oh Crap! look on their faces) AHAHA! Don't you love me? AHAHA! (head spins around) Em evol uoy t'nod AHAHA! (cuckoo clock sound-effect)
    Trudy: NEXT!
  • The entire episode of "She Drives Me Crazy", particularly this moment
    Oscar: What's wrong-whoa, did you know your eyes are glowing and your head is spinning around.
    Trudy: Your daughter and your mama are driving me crazy! When I'm not waiting on Penny hand and foot, I'm taking Sugar Mama everywhere since she unable to drive herself! Now, I have to take care of my daughter (picks Oscar up off the ground), but I can't take care of mama too now! Oscar, you have to do something NOW!
    • The way Trudy growls "Your daughter and your mama are driving me crazy!" is really funny; you can tell how insane she's going.
  • Lacienega's grandfather hits on a skinny and attractive Suga Mama only for her to return to her former self after eating a piece of cake. He starts crying (the only time in the whole series he ever does) which Suga Mama confuses as Tears of Joy.
  • From the movie:
    Dr. Carver: The peanut clones could care for the elderly, take care of our children and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! Oh...I mean, uh..."makeover the squirrels!"
  • The "clean version" of Sir Paid-a-Lot in "EZ Jackster".
    Yo, I'm a [bleep] dog [bleep] my name [bleep] uh huh [bleep] feel me! [bleep]
  • In one episode, Trudy is surprised to see the twins outside of where they should be and asked Oscar where they came from.
    Oscar: You remember, Trudy. Last year at the hospital when you were yelling, "I ain't ever gonna have another baby again!"