Awesome / The Proud Family


Season 1
  • This one line from Trudy when she thinks Penny is going to get hurt by Ajay the Tiger in "Tiger Whisperer":
  • In "The Forbidden Date," Carlos gets one when he saves Bebe and Cece when they end up on a roller coaster.
  • The episode "Teacher's Pet" has a subplot where Oscar and Trudy want to get the twins into a good school. A problem arises when the man in charge turns out to be someone Oscar used to torment in middle school. He claims that he has no animosity for their past but proves otherwise by gouging Oscar for as much money as possible to consider the twins. He caps off everything by essentially forcing Oscar to let him dance with Trudy, pushing one of Oscar's Berserk Buttons. Oscar finally has enough and tells the man as calmly as possible that he is done with the man's pettiness and leads Trudy away. He actually apologizes to Trudy for ruining the twins chances at getting into the school but she just pulls him in for a Big Damn Kiss. So essentially he gets to bite back at someone who is going out of their way to antagonize Oscar without fear of reprisal but Oscar does so without his usual belligerence and even apologizes to his wife for what he did, only for Trudy to be impressed with her husband instead of disappointed. He really got thrown a bone here.
  • Penny reciting Martin Luther King's famous speech in "I Had a Dream".
  • In a Valentine's Day Episode ("I Love You, Penny Proud"), Penny discovers that a boy in a wheelchair has got a crush on her and, not wanting to make him feel bad because of his disability, becomes his girlfriend. Only it turns out the kid is a manipulative Jerkass who leeches off Penny's family while being completely disrespectful and eventually Penny works up the nerve to tell him off after he ruins her family's vacation at a ski resort, slamming the door in his face. Penny asks Oscar and Trudy not to get mad at her for what she did, but they're both very proud for how she stood up for herself and for the family.
  • In "Puff's Magic Adventure", Trudy and Oscar argue about whose fault it was that Puff went missing, but Penny cuts in saying that it was all (yes, Penny includes herself) their fault.
  • In the episode "Enter the Bullies" Oscar got into a fight with Mr. Gross, the Gross Sisters' father, which ended rather badly for him. At the end of the episode, after Penny has brokered a truce between herself and the Sisters, Oscar once more visits Mr. Gross and says that even though they both got off on the wrong foot, they have to set a proper example for their children. Gross himself agrees, saying they "gotta do it for the kids", and they both part on amicable terms. Take that Broken Aesop Episode..
  • When LPDZ wins the Hip Hop Helicopter Dance Competition in "Hip-Hop Helicopter".

Season 2
  • The Halloween episode...that is all.
    • Plus, when she takes on the Gross Sisters...and wins.
    • When Penny defeats the ghost that invaded the house.
  • The only time Oscar finally comes out on top was when Penny had a chance to win a Million Dollars and had to shoot a ball from Midcourt at a basketball game owned by The Wizard. His past is brought up when he accidentally cost his team the game as a teenager and has been ridiculed ever since then. Despite it, Penny selects him and he's there at the court in two seconds and the entire crowd (even his mother) cheers him on. He shoots... And hits it, the ball going perfectly in the net.
    • Almost thwarted when Wizard uses Exact Words to give Oscar special currency that is only redeemable at one of his restaurants on certain days. Oscars laments that Wizard got one over on him again but Penny points out it is one of the days he can use them and they treat the entire crowd to a meal at the restaurant.
  • Trudy gets one in "Tween Town" when Penny lies to her parents about going to the night club. When she finds out, she gets very angry and demands that Oscar lets her drive the car!

Season 3
  • Every time when Suga Mama helped Oscar in a wrestling match in the episode "Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. Mama's Boy"
    • When Trudy steps in the ring to fight Jasmine aka "Hot Mama".
    Trudy: Hot Mama, meet Baby Mama!
  • Chester, the titular duck from "Psycho Duck", goes into Papa Wolf mode when the Gross sisters threaten to beat up Penny. The duck took on all of three of them and won.


  • Penny risking her life to save her family from the G-nomes.
  • When Penny (the clone) climbs on the mountains and punches a boulder.
  • A small moment, but due to being in a hurry to save Penny's family, she and her friends tell the Gross Sisters outright that they don't have time to deal with them, despite the Sisters' threat.
  • Penny and her fiends vs G-nomes battle dance. It ends with the former winning because of Zoey.