Headscratchers / The Problem Solverz

  • So Word of God claims Alfe is half man, half dog, half anteater. First off, that's not how halfs work second, why does he look like none of those things?
    • Might be the fault of the art style. That said, I shudder to think what a realistic Alfe would thus look like.
    • The "three halves" thing is pretty obviously meant as a joke.
      • ^This.

  • So, in the pilot, guy with ice cream factory is trying to blow it up. It's also revealed that he's making mind-controlling ice cream... why are they trying to prevent him from destroying the factory?
    • "The Mayan Ice Cream Caper" expands on the pilot episode and reveals that it was a case of Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!. It probably didn't help that Horace was under the influence of the mind control ice cream.

  • Why would anyone even air this show? It's almost as if they wanted a repeat of Electric Soldier Porygon.