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Headscratchers: Lilo & Stitch
  • Stitch is said to be too dense to swim. But he's also able to lift and throw a car, wouldn't he be strong enough to pull himself underwater?
    • He's just too heavy; he'd sink like a rock.
      • But why? I'd understand if he was just too heavy but not super strong, so he wouldn't be able to propel himself upwards, but he is super strong. If he kick, won't he generate enough force downwards to kick him upwards?
      • Movement in a fluid is not just about the ability to exert force (kicking and pulling), it's about having the ability to exert force (kicking and pulling) efficiently enough to counteract the return movement (pulling one's legs up and pushing one's arms forward) quickly enough to counteract the resistance (Stitch's density pulling him down through the water).
      • Stronger things can't always swim better- chimpanzees can't swim, in fact, because they have too MUCH muscle and not enough body fat to float well.
      • He could (and I believe has) walk underwater but it's a long ways to the nearest continent.
  • In the Dupe episode Lilo complains that Mertle and her posse are her only friends outside of Stitch. She has more than 4 experiment friends outside of Stitch and some of them showed up to the party her "friends" missed. I can see her not noticing but nobody ever calls her on this type of logic which she maintains throughout the series.
    • Maybe she meant her only "close" friend. She cares about the various experiments, but she isn't as close to most of them as she is with Stitch since most of their one true places aren't where she spends most of her time. She lives with Stitch and spends plenty of time in hula class with the others. Still, if she considers those girls as "close" friends, that is still kind of sad.
  • I don't get the whole, "convinced an alien race that mosquitos were an endangered species" thing. Do the aliens have a strange fondness for mosquitos, and so didn't want to destroy Earth? Then why did they make the big deal about them being endangered, when they would all get destroyed with Earth, endangered or not?
    • Perhaps mosquitos are actually an alien race, and destroying them would be an act of genocide?
      • One of the tie-in games has there be sentient alien mosquitos bigger than humans, so maybe they and Earth mosquitos come from a common ancestor.
    • My guess, Bubbles was finding any law that would spare the Earth and the human race. Might be that the only one that he could find in time to justify not attacking Earth.
    • Rule of Funny.
    • My guess was actually that if Cobra was gonna pick any species to call endangered, he might as well pick one that's considerably NOT endangered. The longer the species in question lasts, the longer Earth lasts.
    • Fridge Brilliance. Pleakly was afraid of harming Lilo because she was part of the mosquito food chain. On Earth, almost everything is food for mosquitos, so if he claimed mosquitoes as endangered species, then all of Earth is effectively protected.
    • Aliens seem to be willing to follow the rules - they probably have a rule stating that some planets should not be attacked or enslaved because it would cause extinction.
    • Which brings up another question: Cobra mentioned he saved our planet by doing this. What exactly is this saving our planet from? The United Galactic Federation doesn't seem like the kind to allow to genocide or enslavement. Even if Humans Are Bastards we can't make it very far off our planet, so it's not as if we're a threat.
    • This is answered early in the film. When Stitch is discovered to have landed on Hawaii, the Grand Councilwoman says "We will have to gas the planet" then suggests bombing the island until Pleakley tells her otherwise, informing her that Earth is a protected wildlife preserve for endangered mosquitos and their food of choice.
  • At the part in the movie where Lilo's house gets on fire, then Nani sees the fire truck heading toward their house and she says: "Don't turn left." Is her house the only one on the left of the grocery store?
    • It's Kauai, an extremely rural island-and she's clearly living in an extremely rural part of that. Could be.
    • And even if that wasn't the case, you have to take Adult Fear into account. Most parents/guardians who are just easing into the concept of leaving their children home alone will flip out over the smallest thing indicating something may have gone wrong. That, and/or Nani's just Genre Savvy enough to know that anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong.
      • I can attest to this - even if you aren't in a rural place where there's the possibility that the fire truck is headed somewhere else, you can't help but fear something may have happened.
      • The fire truck turns on to a dirt road. No evidence of nearby houses in shots of the outside. Probably a long driveway?
    • Even if it turns out that the fire truck could have been going to a different house and Nani's isn't the only one that could have caught fire, would you still assume that "oh it must be going somewhere else" since the fire could have spread?
    • I read this simply as Nani can see the firetruck from where she is, and it's coming to a fork in the road. If it goes right, she doesn't have to worry that it's her house. If it turns left, there is still a chance it's her house /and/ she won't be able to follow it because (I think, not sure) she's late for work.
    • Not the last one. As she's leaving the store, she says she'll be there first thing in the morning. As for the original question, yes she was panicking - her house was left. And she assumed the worst.
  • "Aliens are all about rules"? Really, Bubbles? Even disregarding that that's a very dangerous generalization to make, the whole plot of the movie exists because an alien broke the rules!
    • Maybe not rogues like Jumbaa, but it appears that the Galactic Council follows any rules to the letter. The head wanted to take Stitch away for no other reason than the Council decided it, and they wouldn't even break the most petty of laws like stealing a dog some kid bought from the pound for two bucks.
  • Why were experiments like Hunkahunka and Morpholomew created? How can either making everyone fall in love or shapeshifting take over a planet at all?
    • Jumba was probably still figuring out how to get different abilities through genetic research. They are experiments, after all.
      • I meant that they're useless for what Jumba was intending for them to do, i.e. Take over planets.
      • You're missing what I'm saying. They were experiments. EXPERIMENT DOES NOT MEAN SUCCESSFUL EXPERIMENT.
    • On top of that, falling in love and shapeshifting could actually be useful when it comes to taking over the world. If I'm remembering the episodes correctly Hunkahunka made the person who "Fell in love" follow the other person and do whatever they said in an attempt to please them, getting someone with a powerful position or a lot of money to do that for you could help. And morphing is obvious, you shape shift into someone in a powerful position (president, king, etc.) and use that power to take over.
  • Why did Lilo have a fetish for taking pictures of fat people? It always struck me as kind of creepy.
    • I don't think it's a fetish, more like an obsession. She's a little girl and she probably thinks fat people are weird looking and wants to photograph them. Don't ask me why, because I don't know what goes on in the head of a little girl.
    • There is also the fact that most of the people she photographed were tourists - outsiders. Perhaps she relates to the fact that they are different?
    • They weren't all fat, they were all tourists. She found them strange and different, and thought they were beautiful in an exotic sort of way. Her sister thought it was weird because, obviously, fat, pale tourists aren't conventionally "beautiful"
    • Actually, I think that there is some form of subtle Frige here, because before Stitch Lilo spends her time taking pictures of Tourists and when Stitch is ready to leave Lilo, she tells him She remembers everyone who leaves. I think photography was just Lilo's way of coping with everything.
    • The creators address this in a deleted scene; she takes pictures of them because the tourists treat her like she's some sort of attraction that's there for their amusement. But taking the photos she turns it around of them and makes these intruders her source of amusement.
    • In Hawaii, the tourists and the white people are called Haole and they are usually not well liked as native Hawaiians consider them invaders. However, most Hawaiians make their money off the tourism and therefore have to put up with them even though they don't want to. For Lilo to be obsessed with the Haole shows her inability to fit in with the society she lives in. In a way she identifies with them because she almost feels like a tourist or invader in the society she lives in. She is different.
  • What is it called when the viewer is wrenched by the helplessness of the character? The more minor example from the movie is when Jumba's ship is following Gantu's and he says "We stay close, hope for a miracle. That's all we can do."
    • ...That feels less like a question about this movie and more like something you'd ask in the trope forums.
  • Why would you put a "dog" you think is dead in a pound with live dogs? Seriously...
    • Possibly they knew it wasn't technically dead at that moment, but figured he was was almost dead and likely to reach that state at any moment. He was ran over by multiple trucks, after all. Someone just felt that it would be kinder to let him "die" inside the shelter and not to be exposed to the elements during his final moments. The person probably thought it was better to put it in one of the cages and, if it somehow miraculously clung onto life, it would be somewhere safe. They didn't expect the dying or dead "dog" to wander into the front room with the kid as if nothing happened.
      • You still wouldn't put a dog that you believed was dying with the other dogs that are live and apparently healthy. He would've either been in an isolated cage, or simply euthanized to be put out of his misery.
    • I think the pound worker only says "it was dead this morning" - which could mean Stitch only appeared dead when they found him. He might have shown signs of life when they started to move him. It's a fairly small town and maybe they just wanted to put him somewhere before they figured out what to do with him.
  • Minor one, but during the movie's opening sequence, Lilo is tying her Hula skirt on top of her bathing suit. But she'd have had to take it off to put her Hula top on, so tying the skirt on top of it only served to delay her even more.
    • Maybe it was so she could pull off the bathing suit from under her, while the skirt would keep her from being naked in the process.
  • Here is one that been bothering me. Stitch is obviously super-strong, considering he can lift trucks and spaceships with ease. But its shown throughout the movies and TV series that he can be some sort of glass container Gantu has...Seriously? How strong are those glass containers? They are more effective at containing Stitch then any other prison.
    • The fact that they can hold Stitch should make it pretty obvious that they aren't glass.
    • Transparisteel?
  • The reason Stitch is afraid of water is because he can't swim...yet in one episode of its been shown that he can survive in the vacuum of space....which means he can't why is he afraid of water?
    • Phobias aren't always rational.
      • It's not a random phobia, it's explicitly stated in the movie that he can't survive in water, and the reason he's afraid of water is implied to be because of that.
  • Why did the Council give Jumba and Pleakly such a big ship? They were there on a stealth based search-and-retrieve type mission and they give them such a huge ass spaceship that's sure to draw human eyes. Why?
    • It might have just been Jumba's ship before he was arrested, so they weren't giving him anything from their own navy with the risk he might steal it. Plus, it may have had cloaking abilities. They seemed to have arrived shortly after Stitch and there wasn't any hubbub about a second "falling star".
    • Well, it worked. They got onto the planet without arousing too much attention. They only attracted attention when chasing Gantu when all pretense of stealth was abandoned. Plus, I think Pleakley cares about stealth more than anyone else. Gantu clearly didn't care about being spotted despite working for the council, and the councilwoman landed in clear view on a beach in Hawaii.
    • A more meta reasoning, in the original storyline, Stitch and crew hijacked a jet from the local airport to go after Gantu, but after 9/11, they changed it to the spaceship. The size might be so they wouldn't have to edit too much on the frames.
  • In Lilo and Sitch 2: Stitch has a Glitch, it seems that alot of the problems are caused by evrybody not knowing what is wrong with Stich. Except Pleakly and Jumba know about the whole "molecules aren't charged" thing. So why didn't either of them tell Lilo or Nani about Stitch's issue? Seems like a plot hole to me.
  • In the first movie, when Nani gets an interview for the store, why doesn't she take Lilo with her? Especially since she's on thin ice already?
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