Heartwarming: Lilo & Stitch

Lilo & Stitch

  • The final scenes really show off the affection the characters have developed for each other, particularly this speech:
    Stitch: This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It's little...and broken...but still good. Yeah. Still good.
    • Fridge Brilliance: Remember what the Grand Councilwoman said at Stitch's sentencing, when determining whether he was a monster? All he ever had to do was show that there was "something inside (him) that is good."
  • Which is especially amazing because when they finally corner Stitch, who has been seen in the eyes of the Galactic Federation or whatever to be an irredeemable little monster, he simply stands up and talks to them. His only questions are if he has to leave, and if he can say goodbye. Just... *sniff*
  • You know, make that any serious scene about "ohana". ''Ohana means family. Family means no-one gets left behind.'' "Or forgotten."
    • It's easy to overlook since the scene is so focused on Nani and Lilo, but watch Stitch during the first mention of ohana. He starts off struggling in Nani's arms—at least until something Lilo says gets his undivided attention, namely "Ohana means family". Even better is the absolutely stunned look he gives Nani when she immediately closes the door after that same line. This is the first scene in the movie where Stitch seems to regard Lilo and Nani as if they are more than just his meat-shields.
  • Stitch returning to save Lilo.
    Lilo: You came back.
    Stitch: Nobody gets left behind.
    [Lilo kisses his nose]
  • The final photo at the end of the film: rather than it only being Lilo, Nani and their deceased parents, another photo is partly overlapping it now, so it looks like Stitch is sitting with them.
    • The entire ending credits, plus photo montage with "Burning Love" in the background, could be seen as one long CMOH: It depicts Lilo's shattered family not only whole again, but bigger and happier than ever before.
  • The frog, seemingly nothing more than a Brick Joke. But when Gantu makes his strafing run, the frog jumps on Stitch's head while eyeing Gantu's ship, giving the impression he's trying to shield Stitch from the attack. Which Stitch repays by saving him.
  • The montage of Lilo, Nani, David, and Stitch at the beach that plays during "Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride". Considering how many difficulties Nani, Lilo, and Stitch have been going through, seeing them all having fun together is very touching.
  • A minor moment, but Pleakley's response when he sees that Nani and Lilo's house is about to explode? It's to grab Lilo and get her out of there as fast as possible.

Lilo & Stitch 2: Has A Glitch

  • There's a scene where Lilo is frustrated about her missing parents and what's going on in her life right now, and Nani, as always is trying her hardest to reach her. They fight a little, but in the end they connect over their memories over their mother, and Nani reassures her that her mother will always love her.
    Nani: Maybe I don't know everything, but I'm sure Mom would be proud of you just for being you.
    Lilo: [mid-hug] You too.
    [Nani's eyes shoot open, and she looks shocked at the very idea]
    Nani: [extremely touched] Thanks Lilo...
    • Especially heartwarming given that the scene began with Lilo saying in a fit of anger that Nani's best would never measure up to their mother. Given her Promotion to Parent making that portrayal rare, it really works when the series points out that Nani's also a daughter who lost her parents, and isn't sure what to do - especially since she's usually the Chew Toy.
  • The end, where it seems that Stitch has died...only for Lilo to save him. This exchange between Jumba and Pleakley sums it up perfectly:
    Pleakley: (astonished) But how is this possible?
    Jumba: (overjoyed) It's not!


  • The short film "The Origin of Stitch" is just one big heartwarmer, particularly when Jumba hugs Stitch just like a father would. Awwww...
    Jumba: My little one, I have created hundreds of experiments, but you? You are my greatest success. I'm very proud of you, Stitch.