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The Galactic Federation is actually the local version of The Empire
Well really. Even their Reasonable Authority Figure Grand Councilwoman is willing to destroy entire planets to kill one fugitive. Inhabited planets. Apparently they don't consider species sentient if they don't have hyperdrive. She's willing to accept 'I own him' as a legal excuse not to take Stitch...which means they recognize slavery. They've got serious prejudice against genetically engineered lifeforms, killing them on sight. Employing a Boxed Crook is common enough its more worrisome that he'll hurt the mosquitos then that he'll be let out of jail. From that point of view, the Grand Councilwoman is actually the Affably Evil Anti-Villain head of the government for an alliance of Scary Dogmatic Aliens. They've even got the dim, gothic interior architecture.
  • Strangely enough, despite their willingness to gas the entire planet to stop Stitch escaping, they never actually intended to kill him. From the start they planned to exile him to a barren planet and while Jumba is eager to kill and dismantle him, capturing Stitch seems to be high on the priority list. It's probably a case of Blue and Orange Morality than evil empire.

By Galactic Federation standards, Mosquitoes are cute and/or beautiful.

Think of the wild animal species that animal rights groups on Earth publicize: Giant Pandas, Bengal Tigers, Bottlenose Dolphins, Orangutans, Sea Turtles, etc; There may be species more valuable to the environmental balance, but those that get all the attention are the ones that we like. Though technically Humans are just as "endangered" as Mosquitoes, the insects are aesthetically pleasing (as demonstrated by Agent Pleakley) and therefore protected. Cobra Bubbles caught on to the attraction and used it to save the planet.

It wasn't the content of Stitch's brief speech that horrified the Galactic Council, it was the context.

Stitch's words have been translated to roughly mean "I will destroy." That's bad, but not quite as bad as the reactions of the council members would indicate. Those words must therefore have some historical significance similar to repeating a snippet of one of Hitler's tirades in the German Bundestag (German federal parliament) today. The words in themselves may not be so terrible, but such an unthinkable act would shock and infuriate the German parliament.
  • Alternately, it might literally translate into "I will destroy," but "meega nala kweesta" might be a particularly rude version that is rarely used because of it becoming a curse. Like how the term for a female dog is rarely used for the canine anymore since most people use it as an insult to a woman. "Kweesta" might mean "destroy," but it could be the more vulgar version of the word.
    • He cursed in the Alien equivalent of the Russian mat (Jumba has after all an kinda-Russian accent), there are tons of vulgar ways to say "destroy" in it.
    • Or perhaps it's a particularly harsh kind of 'destroy', the kind with immense pain and suffering, cities made uninhabitable, that sort of thing.
    • Maybe a more literal translation is 'I will cause a genocide/holocaust', or something like that

Lilo and Nani officially agreed to be Stitch's wardens.
In order to adopt Stitch Lilo signed something saying she was Stitch's caretaker and agreeing to be responsible for his actions, and might also say Lilo has custody of Stitch. This is enough to officially say Lilo is responsible for making sure Stitch stays in exile and doesn't cause too much damage to the mosquito population. Since Lilo seems to be five Nani would have to sign too and would be the person truly held responsible by the State of Hawaii if they let Stitch run around and he attacked somebody. These documents assume Stitch is a dog and not an intelligent super weapon. However, the Galactic Federation could ignore the document's original purpose and take it literally. The grand councilwoman had to give Lilo and Nani a higher level of citizenship than most humans to make this legitimate otherwise it would be like a jail leaving a dog in charge of guarding a prisoner, and she still had to make sure Lilo and Nani did the job they agreed to do.

Lilo and Stitch shares a universe with Birdy the Mighty.
The latter's anime series and the reboot manga spend a significant amount of time on that universe's Federation, and Earth is considered a backwater world in the middle of nowhere in both stories.

In Leroy and Stitch, Jumba's and Stitch's rewards were actually tests. Stitch passed. Jumba passed eventually.
Stitch and Jumba both seemed to be reformed by Leroy and Stitch, however it's possible that Jumba is only behaving either because he's being watched closely by Pleakley and Nani, or he simply lacks the facilities to do anything on a backwater planet like earth. The best solution would be to give him his lab back and pretend to trust him and see if he falls into his old habits. The goal of Stitch's reward was to see if he could function without Lilo or revert back to his original programming. Stitch was homesick but still acted as a responsible citizen. Whether Jumba passed is debatable. His first instinct was to get back to illegal genetic experiments but he did not get very far before he was forced at gunpoint to make one by Hamsterville and could easily have decided against it, plus when he makes Leroy it he gives it an off switch. When Jumba decided on his own to go back to Hawaii instead of going back to his old lab it counted as a pass.

Leroy was either designed to be a wussed out version of Stitch, or to degrade quickly.
Jumba was making Leroy at gun point and there's only so much Hamsterville could do to test his capabilities without giving Jumba an opportunity to escape. Either Leroy beat Stitch partly because Stitch was distracted by missing Lilo, and Leroy got the jump on the other experiment's because he knew their locations strengths and weaknesses and they had gotten complacent, or he was genuinely on even footing with Stitch at the time. However, either way at the stadium every other experiment proved itself capable of fighting him.

Bubbles is a retired Agent J.

Agent J clearly attained a noteworthy status in the Men in Black universe, so it is not at all implausible that he worked with the Grand Councilwoman. Heck, the Grand Council itself works in the MiB universe. Agent K said in the first movie they made a treaty to be a neutral planet, which implies SOME sort of overall governing body for at least a good chunk of the aliens.

The MiB learned their lesson about 'retiring' Agents in the manner they used to after MiB 2, so when Agent J retired, he wasn't neuralized into forgetting everything ... he just moved into a new, less stressful field of work, with appropriate (if false) paper trail.

Cobra Bubbles really is retired from the CIA as he claims, but he'd been since been picked up by SHIELD
Hey, Disney owns Marvel now, and another Disney Channel Animated Original has had a Marvel crossover of their own. So why not?

Stitch's feet are called soolnds.
As are the feet of several other characters.

Cobra Bubbles IS Marcellus Wallace
They look EXACTLY the same, are both played by Ving Rhames. This WMG is implying that after the events in Pulp Fiction, Marcellus reforms from a life of crime, changed his name and joined the C.I.A for some time. When Lilo asks him "Did you ever kill anyone" he doesn't answer (Possibly because he was dealing with traumatic flashbacks) But keep in mind this theory is just for fun, since there is no way in hell that Disney would canonize with a Quentin Tarantino movie, especially the world record holder for using the word "motherfucker".

The Grand Councilwoman is from the same stellar system as the Sensorites and the Ood
The character design is very similar.

Mr. Bubbles picked mosquitoes in '73 because they're native to only one planet yet unlikely to die out.
A certain species of fish, or cats, or cows, are likely to either be intentionally brought into space or (in the case of the fish, and cows if they're bred into an even more useful species and go the way of the auroch) might cease to exist on earth, but mosquitoes are unlikely to ever cease to exist on the planet short of glassing or gassing it. Contrarily, they are likely to be screened out of any Earth-to-colony ships to keep them contained and keep from wildly transmitting bloodborne diseases between planetary cultures.

The Merrie Monarch festival in the credits of the original movie required all (human) dancers to be descendants of Hawaiian royalty.
Thus making Nani, and also Lilo, technically Disney princesses (This means the redhead from Lilo's dance class is mixed-race, but I doubt they ever explicitly said she had no Hawaiian blood).

Cobra knew Stitch was an alien the entire time
  • When Cobra is giving Nani the conditions of keeping Lilo in the first movie, he says he wants their "dog" to become a model citizen. To be a model citizen, he would therefore have to at least understand social conventions of humans, which would require him to have thinking capabilities beyond those of a normal dog. Having worked with the Galactic Federation before, he knew that aliens existed, and, with his background, probably got a little information on the dog. With a background like that, and his near-invincibility, it wouldn't be unlikely that he'd immediately jump to the belief that Stitch was an alien. Not wanting to expose their existence, he kept referring to Stitch as a dog until the secret was out.
  • At the end of the movie the following dialogue takes place, which makes it clear Cobra has interacted with aliens before (not to mention that he is totally not shocked / impressed at all upon being confronted with aliens, which most other humans would be).
    Cobra: Aliens are all about rules.
    Grand Councilwoman: [To Cobra] You look familiar.
    Cobra: CIA, Roswell 1973.
    Grand Councilwoman: Ah, yes. You had hair then.

Lilo is an alien, possibly even an experiment
This is about as unlikely as you can imagine, but it is based on two noteworthy factors: One, Lilo's social worker is a former member of the CIA-about as unlikely a coincidence as can be imagined. Secondly, Lilo has been shown to be capable of wrestling and fighting with Stitch, despite the fact that the latter has enough strength to lift a VW Beetle.

Experiment 628 is designed for eye-poking.
He made good on his threat. Jumba just hasn't used 628 because it'd come off as incredibly petty, considering that the 600 series are some of his best work. If 628 ever escapes, its name will be Pokey and one true purpose be to stop Pleakley from pestering him or ratting him out. Like his more serious projects, experiments 629note  and beyond.

Mertle is racist towards Hawaiians
This is why she hates Lilo so much. Not because of Lilo's weird habits, her relationship with Stitch, or just overall bitchiness. She's a Caucasian who moved from California who really hates Hawaiians, their culture, or is just trying to vent her frustration over having been ripped from her old life in California.

Lilo is the reincarnation of Moana's grandmother
The village crazy lady who knows all the good stories? Check. Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant? Check. Has way too much fun trolling everyone? Check. Knows how to tame monsters? Yup. Maybe after a few lives as various critters, she decided to be human again, but still remembers enough of the old stories and such to know that you have to do things like appease the weather-controlling fish.