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Awesome: Lilo & Stitch
  • This troper is quite the fan of Sci Fi, and Stitch's escape from the prison ship is STILL one of the best he's ever seen.
    • Especially how he broke free. He figured out that the guns were trained on his DNA and used his saliva to get him to fire where he wanted. When Jumba said Stitch could think like a supercomputer, he wasn't kidding!
  • Stitch's moment towards the end of the movie, when he tackles a gasoline truck, drives it into a volcano, tears a hole in it, and rides the ensuing explosion to crash through Gantu's ship, gets pounded with Gantu's enormous fist, only to lift up said fist while yelling "also cute and FLUFFY!" Epic win.
    • This troper loved the delivery of his triumphant "ALOHA!!!" in the aforementioned scene.
    • "Stupid head." Cue unloading a gasoline tank into a volcano.
    • Fridge Brilliance might apply here...he's not just riding the explosion. He's SURFING THE WAVE OF FIRE.
    • Also, he saves a froggy whilst doing everything mentioned above.
  • Right before the above scene, Stitch is in a teary panic over Lilo being kidnapped by Gantu...then the fuel tanker shows up. Stitch then goes from Heroic BSOD to Let's Get Dangerous in about one second. And it is BADASS.
  • Jumbaa's has to be when he turns to Stitch and shouts "IIIIIIIIIIIIIT'S SHOWTIME!"
  • "Oh good, my dog found the chainsaw."
  • The fact Lilo beat the crap out of Mertle twice.
  • Jumba, locked in a prison cell, immediately deduces why the Councilwoman came to see him and manipulates the situation to his advantage, leaving him armed with a plasma cannon, in control of a fairly powerful ship, and released from prison.
  • A more subtle one. Experiment 626 was designed to destroy everything he touches. His only instincts are to enable him to fulfill that goal. Lilo, a six year old girl, not only manages to turn him from his original programming in less than three days without even trying to the point where even the Grand Councilwoman can see he's a civilized individual, but she then proceeds in the sequels and television series to repeat this process for over six hundred more dangerous and evil experiments even when they could easily kill her with their capabilities. By "Leroy and Stitch," she ends up with Gantu, the guy she and Stitch have been humiliating for about three years on a regular basis, pointing out that she's a credible threat to Hamsterviel's Evil Plan and actually turning to her side because she's just that talented at gaining formerly-evilish individuals to turn good. Stitch might be super strong, but Lilo's got her own power.
  • To this troper, one of the most awesome things about Stitch is that he was designed to be, and in fact remains, Chaotic Evil, but still has people he considers to be family and friends whom he wants to protect. He is the ultimate counterpoint for any "evil can't care about people or control itself" argument.
    • How is Stitch still evil when he clearly goes through a Heel-Face Turn, constantly tries to be good and overall is shown to be very upset when he realized his destructive tendencies have consequences? At most Stitch was Chaotic Neutral during his brief evil phase.
    • Evil implies choice. A tornado cannot be evil, even if it destroys a city and kills thousands, because it does not have a choice in doing so. It's a natural disaster, doing only what it is supposed to do. When Stitch was originally created, he was a walking natural disaster waiting to happen. He was basically a baby with no other knowledge than how to destroy things. He wasn't given a choice, he was designed for destruction on grand scale. However, even the ability to destroy, if properly utilized, can be used for good.
      • He was given a choice. Remember the Grand Councilwoman's request show that there was good in him? Look how he chose to respond that.
      • At that point, Stitch had only been exposed to Jumba. He knew *nothing* but what Jumba had programmed him with. So of course he was going to respond to that as per his programming.
  • The climax. Gantu's merrily flying along, requesting hyperspace clearance. Then Jumba's ship rises up, and it dwarfs Gantu's.
    Jumba: What? Think we walked here?
  • Lilo manages to not only prevent Stitch from being taken away but herself as well by stating that arresting Stitch would technically count as stealing.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "He Mele No Lilo."
    • Also Wynonna Judd's cover of Elvis Presley's "A Hunk'a Hunk'a Burnin' Love."
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