Trivia: Lilo & Stitch

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  • Actor Allusion: Kevin McDonald's character Pleakley dresses as a woman to blend in... something Kevin has done quite well with The Kids in the Hall.
  • Cast the Expert: Tia Carrere and Jason Scott Lee, who play Nani and David, respectively, are both native Hawaiians and were often approached for advice on how to make their dialogue sound more authentically Hawaiian.
  • Contest Winner Cameo: Tickle-Tummy.
  • Deleted Scene:
  • Descended Creator: Chris Sanders voices Stitch in all animated incarnations of the character, except for the anime. This includes Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, and Disney Infinity, all of which were released after he left Disney for DreamWorks Animation. So despite his departure, Sanders continues to voice Stitch in every opportunity he gets.
  • Doing It for the Art: This is one of the only Disney films since the company's heyday that can truly be called "experimental": complete creative control was given to a small team, who designed the entire production and characters to resemble of one employee's personal drawing style. It was also the first since Dumbo to use watercolored backgrounds (that's right, the first one in over 60 years). The result is something intimate and completely distinct.
    • This extends to "inter-STITCH-als": the one in which Stitch hijacks The Little Mermaid was done with cels and an analog camera because that film was made before Disney started using digital ink and paint. The production team went to the trouble of using a cumbersome, outdated technique all for the sake of one joke.
  • Fan Nickname: This is stretching the trivia term quite a bit, but some fans add Lilo's surname (Pelekai) to Stitch's name to signify the closeness he has with his 'ohana, even though legally (in terms of the film's context) his name is just Stitch per his adoption paper. (Also note that while some pets are given human names, normally they do not gain the family names of their owners.)
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Orphaned Reference: Lilo taking and adorning her wall with photos of sunbathers might come off as just one of her quirks, but it was originally intended to be her way of dealing with racist white tourists, who would regularly stop her and ask if she was "going to do a hula dance" for them. This (understandably) made her feel like a caged animal, and the photos were her way of doing it right back to them.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Lilo, who is usually voiced by Daveigh Chase, is voiced by Dakota Fanning in Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch.
    • Nani's boyfriend, David, was voiced by Jason Scott Lee in the first movie and Stitch Has a Glitch and by Dee Bradley Baker in all subsequent appearances.
    • Mertle was voiced Miranda Paige Walls in the original film and Liliana Mumy in all other appearances.
  • Revival by Commercialization: Many, many kids were introduced to Elvis Presley thanks to this movie.
  • What Could Have Been: Stitch Has a Glitch was actually meant to be released in theaters after The Jungle Book 2 which is the reason why it has better production values. But after the failure of the latter movie, Disney decided to release all the remaining planned theatrical sequels Direct-to-Video.