Awesome / Lilo & Stitch: The Series


  • Stitch, in full cowboy carpe, taking down an overgrown Sprout, complete with some unique Car Fu with a riding mower.
  • Zach MacKillin coming to Stitch's aid with some handy lasso work.
    Zack MacKillin: "Ride on, stranger."

  • Stitch and Gantu's Car Fu mano y mano.

  • Pleakley managing to capture 613 and saving him from being crushed by falling rocks and stalactites in the lava tube.

  • Splodyhead and Stitch vs. Slushy, an epic five minute battle that has everything from More Dakka fireballs and icicles, frozen tornados and giant monsters made of fire and ice.
    Jumba: "Elemental evil genius experiments about to join in epic battle, and I forgot camera."note 

  • Hämsterviel taking out Stitch with a plasma cannon. Double awesome as he had made the plasma cannon out of the playthings in his gerbil cage.
  • Stitch and 625's fight on top of Gantu's ship. Bonus points for 625 getting the upper-hand with some quick thinking.
    • More bonus points if you consider that his sudden competence is not even an Ass Pull: 625 has the same skills and powers Stitch has. That wasn't just "quick", it was "faster-than-a-supercomputer" thinking.


  • Lilo beating Mertle at the lightning round of the "Ohana-Rama" family trivia contest.


  • Stitch and 625 recruiting their cousins to overthrow "King Gantu".

  • Stitch holding his own against Shego. She's no pushover, even if he's a genetically modified monster.
  • Drakken gets one for himself, as he was able to make the perfect plan. If it wasn't for Kim and Lilo, he'd would have succeeded.
  • Lilo proves her worth to Kim with her own quick thinking, using Kim's grappling hook to free them. THAT is impressive.
  • Suga Mama beating Gantu in the wrestling ring.

  • Ace's introduction is with a Heroic Fire Rescue that involves him making a makeshift parachute out of a curtain and saves a cat from the fiery building. For a 'faulty' experiment, he's quite heroic.
  • Gantu taking on Robot!Mertle to regain his position as The Dragon.

The whole series
  • The fact that Lilo, a little 6-7 year old girl who, up to that point, had an average life with her sister, is able to reform 600+ genetic monsters and get them to get into a normal life.