Genre Savvy: Fan Works

  • Fate Stay Night: Ultimate Master: Ben takes the fact that the Holy Grail grants any wish with a grain of salt, thinking it's a Jerkass Genie. Talking to Illya, he pumps her for info on Beserker, knowing that, while she's more than she appears, she's still a kid who'll brag when prompted. It helps he's Taught by Experience.
    • Avenger has shades too due to Ben's influence. For example, if she fights, she knows Ben will jump in to help.
    • Similarly, Archer is quick to identify Ben as a Wide-Eyed Idealist and try to take advantage of it.
  • There's the wacky but surprisingly good House/Zombie Apocalypse fic The Rampant Disease, in which House and Co. invoke every trope in the book — only some of which end up being true.
  • Nili's Lord of the Rings fanfic A Taste of Disaster shows how genre savvy Legolas, Aragorn, Elrond and company get after Aragorn and Legolas have been through a few action/adventure fics. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Often present in MS Paint Adventures forums, especially in the Fan Adventures. A sample suggestion, explaining what's going on to a new character, is clearly very genre-savvy.
  • In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fanfic The Long Walk, Michelangelo is pleading with OC Breech Loader to do something for him.
    Mikey: "Then you can be my escort tonight before it's too late! You'll do it, right! It's important! I need it! And you love me, so you'll do it! Right!"
    Breech: "I never agree to do anything without knowing what it is first. How do I know you're the real Mikey, and not some Dai-Oni possessing his body with the intent of making me promise to do something awful?"
  • In the Mass Effect self insert fic Mass Vexations, Author Avatar Art goes through pretty much the entire fic noting the events of the game as they go on. He ends up lampshading just about everything he notices, including making an offhand comment about one of the game's Playing with Syringes examples.
  • Several characters in Total Drama Battlegrounds, though Heather deserves special mention after seeing Rodney die in one of the virtual reality challenges:
    "But see, in every movie that's science-fiction or fantasy or the like, the kid always makes it. This time he didn't, and thus, this queen has broken the unwritten rule for such movies. Even an Asian martial artist cliché or the American commando cliché cannot defeat someone who is breaking the unwritten rules. But as I said, I didn't want to say this out loud, or I'd look weird."
  • Luminosity: Bella realizes that her life is a Romance Novel. Relying on her status as the protagonist may be part of why she makes some risky decisions.
  • In Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Eliezer's characters are frequently utilizing their knowledge of fiction tropes, although each character is savvy in only a few genres.
    • When McGonagall tells Harry what really happened to his parents (Harry had been raised by his aunt and her husband with no explanation), Harry starts asking her which plot hooks might be left dangling, frequently making analogies to The Lord of the Rings.
    • Hermione does frame events around her as if she were in a story (early on, she wants a romance between her and Harry), but she's more often seen trying to convince Harry that he isn't in a story, and that he should stop trying.
    • Draco likes to compare his own behaviour to the heroes in the opera/play performances that his father takes him to see.
    • Daphne Greengrass, like most of the girls, views events like a romance plot, and tries to invoke her own romance with Neville during one of the battles between the first-year armies.
    • Dumbledore likes to frame himself as the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings, and conversations between him and students are often framed in "young heroes" and "mysterious old wizard" terms.
    • Quirrel and Harry often discuss the finer points of how to manipulate others, referencing stories and contrasting them with reality as they do so. "The role people play" is an element of Eliezer's writing that comes out frequently in this character.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan Fic "A Rising Light", this is one of main character Mike's defining traits, often crossing over with Deadpan Snarker and occasionally bordering on Leaning on the Fourth Wall.
    Mike: "Ponies don't start randomly thinking about this kind of thing unless it's about to become some important plot point in a corny story they're in!"
  • In Equestria: A History Revealed, Nightmare Moon proves to be Genre Savvy enough to realize that her failure to eliminate all semblances of hope in the Equestrian Civil War would be her downfall. This leads to her plotting to setup the Battle of Canterlot, a penultimate battle in which Celestia's return to Equestria and steady stream of victories would be cruelly interrupted in an ambush of her forces with an army three times their size. This would cause the citizens of Equestria to regain hope once Celestia had returned and seemed to be winning, before crushing these beliefs by systematically wiping out her forces in one fell swoop. Luckily, it doesn't turn out this way.
  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Series has the titular duo, though in different ways: Calvin knows a lot about sci-fi movies, while Hobbes knows the outcome of pretty much any adventure Calvin drags him along on.
    Calvin: Since that information is keeping us alive, I barely think we should tell you [who we are]!
  • One of the hallmarks of being a resident of Angel Grove in Of Love and Bunnies is that, living amongst Power Rangers for so long, they're used to the weirdness and can predict when strange things will happen and what effects they will have.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia: Switzerland in the 1983: Doomsday Stories is shown as rather familiar with World War III conventions. And is arguably the first to figure out that Austria's decades-long Hope Spot that Hungary may have survived would not end well. He was right.
  • Arcanus in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic Whispers is stated in-universe to have become this by reading a lot. He demonstrates it by lampshading a case of Innocent Innuendo.
  • Pinkie Pie displays a brief moment of this in Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, while observing, along other ponies and griffins, the final duel between Rainbow Dash and Gilda. When Twilight asks her why is she excited, this is her response:
    Pinkie Pie: Come on, it’s a fight between the aces! Whenever it happens at the end, it’s always awesome!
  • John Watson does a lot of Lampshade Hanging in The Doctor's Doctor (you can practically see the author with her tongue firmly in her cheek):
    After all, there was an old saying that when the impossible is ruled out, whatever remains has to be the truth - and as it was impossible for these people in Lestrade's disappearances to vanish literally without a trace by means known to man, then it therefore followed that there was an outside agency involved.
    Either that was very sound logic, or very bad novel-writing.
  • Another Sherlock Holmes/Doctor Who Crossover with Genre Savvy characters is Children of Time. Holmes himself is quite savvy, with the air of Seen It All. Professor Moriarty is Dangerously Genre Savvy, a nice little byproduct of becoming Time Sensitive. And Beth Lestrade is quite firmly One of Us, an obsessive Sherlockian and a geek for several more fandoms, with a habit of making Fandom Nods and inducing Holmes to deliver a few Take Thats.
  • Jade in Akatsuki Kitten Phoenix Corporation Overhaul actually knows exactly which author she's being written by, and what the author's sense of humor tends to lean on. This leads to instances where she quotes a movie, and reprimands herself for being surprised at the outcome.
    Jade: *waves hand* These are not the droids you are looking for.
    It works.
  • In Queenof All Oni, Jade, after her Face-Heel Turn, is FAR more Genre Savvy than many (if not all) of the villains from Jackie Chan Adventures canon, partly due to her witnessing and/or exploiting their Genre Blind moments before the re-emergence of her Superpowered Evil Side, and she even exhibits Dangerously Genre Savvy moments. Some of her Genre Savvy moments include: taking Daolon Wong with when she breaks the Enforcers out of prison, remembering what happened when Shendu left loose ends lying around, cleaning out their lair before Section 13 can react on the info Valmont gave them, and one of her best was when she nearly managed to get the masks the heroes had (SOLO), in a Batman Gambit by remembering how the Dark Hand had used Jackie Dark to gain access to the captured talismans, and if it weren't for an OC Section 13 agent with Blackand White Morality (even to the point of FIRING a gun at her!), SHE WOULD HAVE PULLED IT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH!!
  • Just about every character in Crisis Equestria has some level of Genre Savvy, from very mild to dangerously so, and on both sides of the conflict too. Pinkie Pie's entire shtick revolves not only around being genre savvy, but changing the genre she's in during battle and taking advantage of the new rules.
  • In one Code Geass fic, Lelouch, upon learning he's not the only one with Geass quickly realizes that the Emperor must have it as well. Why? That's the worst possible scenario for him.
  • A Naruto ficlet has Naruto attempt to use magic to turn Kakashi into a chicken. Why? Because Kakashi refuses to teach them anything even after Naruto warns him that he'll continue pranking Kakashi until he does. Sakura insists it's impossible to turn someone into a chicken. Sasuke on the other hand.
    Sasuke: "It's insane, would take a miracle to pull off, and I doubt anyone else would even think to try it. (Beat) I'd say he has better than even odds of doing it."
  • The Infinite Loops will eventually do this to anyone caught up in them... if not because of the time loop then because of the Mutually Fictional aspect.
  • Navarone from Diaries of a Madman is quite genre savvy, and is well aware of the cartoon logic the world sometimes operates on. It particularly applies during the Crystal Empire arc, where he recognises Sombra is carrying the Villain Ball, and takes full advantage of the cliched tactics of cartoon villains.
  • Harry in The Havoc Side of the Force fully expects people to screw him over the first time he does a job for them. Also, when his cover is blown after anonymously saving over a hundred slaves, he decides to leave immediately. Padme tries to reassure him that everyone present has her complete confidence, but Harry just dismisses that, saying that only meant the Hutts would learn his identity in hours instead of minutes. He's right on both counts: Bibble had the ship Harry was getting in payment stripped of almost all it's weapons, shields, and engines. And Aayla Secura (one of the slaves) sending a transmission to the Jedi Temple led to a ship trying to ambush Harry right where he should have come out of hyperspace (he had Anakin pull them out a little early so they would be ready)
  • While planning her father's death in A Third Path to the Future, Emma Frost considers including some way of telling him that she was responsible but quickly discards it on the off chance he survives.
  • Just before revealing his angelic nature in order to stop a mass relay from hitting them in Alpha and Omega Book 2: The Fallen Shinji remarks to Rei that she's about to learn something about "human ingratitude." Sure enough, immediately after two separate characters nearly kill Shinji before he's locked away to await execution.
  • Captain Kanril Eleya of Bait and Switch and related Star Trek Online fics displays flashes of this on occasion. In the side story "An Anomalous Nightmare", she rapidly makes the connection between the strange behavior of her crew and the Negative Space Wedgie the USS Bajor is stuck in.
    "And the connection to that grav anomaly is?" Warragul gives me a funny look and I scoff at him. "Oh, come on, we all know that's where this is headed. Every time we or anyone else hit an unexplained anomaly like this in the past it's made something weird happen."
  • In Gensokyo 20XX, the characters display this from time to time. This is mostly the case in in 20XXI and 20XXII, where they are imprisoned, where Suika is one of the first to pick up on the fact that their prison is meant to break them by depriving them of certain comforts, i.e good food, as well as things to tell time. Likewise, when Kaguya and Mokou are also imprisoned, Mokou also picks up on their captors and the warden are none too merciful, referencing the Scarpia Ultimatum, Morton's Fork,and Sadistic Choice tropes and how they applied to their setting. In that vein, Yukari noted she could gap herself out but then she could be found and thrown back in and it was also noted that where they were imprisoned was not a place where one could share suspicions and secrets openly.
    • In 20XXIII, Ran did note an inner core or refuge wouldn't protect anyone from a nuclear bomb or strike, stating that sort of the thing would likely be crushed or get someone pinned under a roof beam (which does happen), as the blast would be stronger and neither could it fit any supplies or at least a whole family, as well as pointing out that whole entire purpose for When the Wind Blows was to criticize that sort of thinking. Unfortunately, neither Yukari (going insane) or Chen (being a child) listen to her and they build said inner core or refuge right under a roof beam, as she advised against it. In that note, after the nukes were dropped, the characters did note that survival in the aftermath would be difficult and that life would not be as ti was and neither do or would emergency services arrive and neither do the characters, save Sakuya, expect for them to.
  • In Bond Breaker, the main character Shade is well aware of this sort of thing, frequently averting classic anime tropes like walking into a bathroom in use, and even manages to manipulate some rules of the world he's in at the time to the advantage.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Power Girl fan fic story Origin Story, Xander Harris was a comic book geek. Alexandra Harris has all of his memories. She is thus often able to predict what the various Marvel Comics heroes will do before they think of doing it. She also knows a lot of secret identities.
  • In the NSFW story King of MolMol, Kanako Urashima apparently knows how every girl fits into the harem genre.
    Kanako: "Don’t you know how harems work? There are specific roles the girls fall into. You are the loli housewife."
    Shinobu: "W-What about the rest of you then?"
    Kanako: "Well I'm the little sister, Mutsumi's the ditz who ends up getting hurt but somehow survives, Kitsune is flirty prankster, Tsuruko is the sadistic/masochistic shrine maiden, Motoko is stoic warrior who's really a slut, and Naru’s the tsundere."
    Shinobu: "Then what about Su and her family?"
    Kanako: "Su would be the crazy genius, Amalla the mysterious foreigner, Asuna's the slut that's always trying to get at Onii-san's dick and Nina is the foreigner that doesn't speak Japanese well and misunderstands what is going on with comedic results."
  • In one Buffy the Vampire Slayer story, when Anya tries to get Cordelia to make a wish, Cordelia realizes how bizarre it is that a stranger gave her a family heirloom and keeps trying to make her wish for something. As a result, Cordelia wishes for Anya to "go far away and leave [her] alone."