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Funny: Toonami

From Toonami on Cartoon Network:

From Toonami on [adult swim]:

  • "You humans sure are paranoid about robots taking over. We would never do anything like that." *cue Casshern Sins*
  • For Tenchi Muyo:
    TOM (referring to Tenchi): He's got ninety-nine problems. And these bitches are the main ones.
  • The 2012 opening theme, #ToonamisBackBitches. It's actually a fan piece composed by nerdcore rapper, Richie Branson, that [adult swim] liked enough to run on TV by his permission. Overlaps with Crowning Music of Awesome.
    • "Wait, did you say 'Toonami's back, bitches'?"
  • TOM's Catherine review. He did the review before ever finishing the game because the puzzles are so hard!
    • The Stinger that TOM sends us out on after the review is also hilarious, giving the cut-scenes it's layered over and TOM's suggestive tone that he reads it in:
    "Baa, baa, black sheep. Have you any wool?"
  • TOM's Slender review. Something about a robot being scared out of his wits is hilarious, and what seals the deal is the ?/? out of 10 rating.
    • On a related note, during one of their more recent Q&As, someone asked if the Slender Man himself was seen around the Absolution after the review.
  • TOM's review of Dawnguard, the first The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim expansion pack, gets an 8/10. But at the end of the review, TOM briefly mentions that Skyrim proper got 100/10.
    "Good boy, Shadowmere."
    • This becomes funnier when you remember TOM & SARA's review of Morrowind, and how TOM was completely dismissive towards it. Ten years can change a robot.
  • TOM announcing the departure of Deadman Wonderland.
    (music from the original 2008 Toonami finale)
    TOM: Well, all good things come to an end.
    (cast of Deadman Wonderland gasps complete with Record Needle Scratch)
    TOM: No no no, it's not Toonami this time.
    • Can also be seen as a gentle ribbing of the more....Paranoid, aspects of the Toonami fanbase.
  • It's a coincidence, because the content warnings air hourly, but there was a time during which they aired immediately before Sym-Bionic Titan and ThunderCats (2011)—two shows that aired on Cartoon Network (albeit with TV-PG ratings instead of the standard TV-Y7-FV ratings) and didn't contain anything to warrant a TV-14 rating or higher.
    • On a related note, most of the IGPX episodes that have aired since the first one so far are rated TV-Y7-FV (with the exception of one episode that aired with a TV-PG rating). It's especially amusing when you consider that the 2013 promo for IGPX advertised the show as being rated TV-14-DSV.
  • TOM apologizing about airing the pilot and Episode 2 of Thundercats out of order by mistake during its planned rerun. "Sometimes I really AM just pushing buttons." And then goes on to subtly reference Dexter's Laboratory, another Cartoon Network original cartoon, with "what does this button do?"
  • On the One Piece page on, [adult swim] added the intro used for the 4Kids dub. A token of nostalgia for the people who enjoyed the 4Kids dub, or [adult swim] just being their usual selves? You decide.
  • The promo for Star Wars: The Clone Wars ended with the line "Filler never felt so good", as a jab at the fans complaining about shows that are currently airing filler episodes.
  • The review on Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. Guess what was said at the end of the review.
  • In the review of Splinter Cell Blacklist, TOM calls Sam Fisher a "total dick".
  • Toonami announces The return of Dragon Ball Z!! April Fools!
  • The May 31st intro which has TOM complain about getting cut off by what SARA reveals to have been a comet.
    SARA: Shh. Toonami's starting.
  • At one early point in Black Lagoon's run on the block, one of the lead-in bumpers that was used after the April 2014 rebranding made use of one of Rock's more badass lines.
    Rock: YEAH! YOU GOT *bleep*!
  • "Is it wrong to root for the Titans?"

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