Funny / [adult swim]

  • After unexpectedly airing an episode of China, IL uncensored, Adult Swim responds. At this point, does it still count as Getting Crap Past the Radar?
  • Their bump about the death of Sherman Hemsley. 2 years after the fact.
    Sorry, we just found out. That shit sucks.
  • An early bump from 2003 provides a guide to the use of exclamation points on message boards.
    ! = Important
    !! = OMG, so important
    !!! = OMG, I'll die if you don't read this it's so important
    !!!! = Parents didn't give enough attention
    !!!!! = Orally fixated
    !!!!!! = Writer overweight
    !!!!!!! = Writer under thirteen
    !!!!!!!! = Desperate cry for help
    !!!!!!!!!+ = Moron
  • During the "History Of Adult Swim", they provide respectful bumps for all their previous shows...until they get to Minoriteam.
    One time we greenlit 20 episodes based solely on a pitchboard, showing character designs for a superhero group whose power were their racial stereotype. It was the first time we skipped a pilot and went straight to series. Oops.