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Trivia: [adult swim]
The following are Trivial facts relating to [adult swim].
  • Adored by the Network: When Adult Swim likes a title...they really like to show it. Such include:
  • Channel Hop: Well, sort of. Toonami coming from the daytime Cartoon Network to [adult swim].
  • Creator Killer, Franchise Killer, and Genre-Killer: The Boston Bomb Scare; when some Boston police thought that guerilla marketing LEDs for the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie were bombs, then-current Cartoon Network head Jim Samples was forced to step down. Observers have pointed at this incident as arguably the cause of the Network Decay of not just Adult Swim, but all of Cartoon Network, considering that his replacement Stuart Snyder was the main champion of the increase of live-action sitcoms and reality shows on the channel.
  • Executive Meddling: Adult Swim is famous for its near-constant schedule switching of shows. However, this can often be very problematic when it comes to premiere shows, which can confuse viewers on when the show is on and can even turn an audience off from the show completely. While most of their original shows have managed to avoid this thanks to Protection from Editors, even they aren't safe from this.
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Adult Swim was so afraid of this; they avoided airing shows on Friday for its first few years. They now show programs on Friday, although itís unlikely that a new show will premiere on this day.
  • Invisible Advertising: A notable form of Adult Swimís Executive Meddling antics. Unless the work is Adored by the Network, advertising for an Adult Swim premiere program is nearly non-existent.
  • Killer App: Family Guy constantly outnumbers all other shows on Adult Swim, far more than even its more successful originals like Aqua Teen Hunger Force or The Venture Bros., at least according to the Nielsen Ratings.
  • Marathon Running: Adult Swim usually does marathons around holidays, especially in December.
  • Network to the Rescue: If a show that Adult Swim loves is having trouble, they will do everything in their power to save it. We didn't say Adult Swim loves to show love for shows that they adore for nothing, did we?
    • Adult Swim at one point started airing a promo in which they say Squidbillies has been getting low ratings... and how clearly the reason was that the viewers were morons and hadn't yet given this wonderful show a chance. That's why now they're airing it every single night instead of once a week, to get us to watch it and see how great it is.
    • Same with The Oblongs (even though there are currently no plans to make new episodes).
    • Somewhat inverted with Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!. Adult Swim promotes the hell out of it and gives it gets the red carpet treatment, but the fanbase isn't biting and the show has low to middling ratings.
    • For the Anime lineup, there was that attempt to create a second season for The Big O...until Adult Swim managed to screw that up.
    • Adult Swim may well be the reason why Futurama and Family Guy (and by extension, American Dad! and The Cleveland Show) lasted longer than they should have (and was the reason why Futurama and Family Guy were saved from being canceled, even if Futurama continued and ended its run on Comedy Central and viewers are complaining that Family Guy should never have been revived due to its decline in quality).
    • After spending the last part of the Turn of the Millennium being the poster victim of Cartoon Networkís Network Decay (though [adult swim] still shows live-action shows), anime is finally getting thrown a bone with the revival of Toonami (now with anime that's more or less shown uncut and uncensored. You will see some offensive language, sex, and nudity cut, but the violence hasn't been touched). Anime in general seems to be getting more respect as a result, with Samurai 7 and Casshern Sins being signs that they're serious about Toonami and saving more serious anime on Cartoon Network.
    • A part of Toonami's revival includes repeats of Sym-Bionic Titan, one of the classic examples of Getting Screwed By The Parent Network. Time will tell if a second season will be made under Toonami, though Genndy Tartakovsky says there is hope.
  • Otaku O'Clock/Watershed: The entire theory of Adult Swim in general. They even have a segment called "DVR Theater" which shows cult favorites and older shows around 4 a.m.
  • Screwed by the Network: Adult Swim's infamous Executive Meddling antics has not gone too well with a number of shows. Such include:
    • The Anime block in general. Anime used to air an hour or two on weeknights and weekends, and coinciding with Cartoon Network's decision of ending Toonami, it slowly decreased to Saturday nights/Sunday mornings at midnight only, in which Bleach was the only on-going show that premieres new episodes and not reruns. It has been said that one of those in charge of [adult swim]'s programming doesn't like the style and was the first to go when the Network Decay began. Adult Swim has often rather been vocal about their increasing dis-contempt towards Anime and the block. Bumps regularly criticize it, commercials show their Narm moments and episode descriptions on their website tend to read like "Vampires, robots, big hats!". Perfect Hair Forever basically boils down to several hours of Take That against shonen. Observers have also noted the lack of promotion of the block and its programming, especially in comparison to their other blocks. Fortunately, the Toonami revival does suggest a turning of the tide on this front.
    • The Big O. The show was popular enough that Adult Swim is directly responsible for financing the production of the 2nd season. note  However, the premiere of the second season was around the same time Adult Swim begun its Network Decay, and they ended up screwing up the airing of a couple episodes (including accidentally airing a repeat over the finale) and ended up canceling the show before a reportedly expected third season, despite it having paid off financially. However, you could argue that this is more of Cartoon Network's fault considering that they were the ones that refused to fund the third season, perhaps due to the Network Decay that Cartoon Network was undergoing at the time.
    • Code Geass is a notable victim of Adult Swim's constant schedule switching of shows. Adult Swim had kept changing the time slot later and later to the point that people stopped caring and their rights to the show expired after one rerun.
    • Futurama, although this was from Fox rather than from Adult Swim. The DVDs sold more than Family Guy's, fan push was apparently larger, the ratings on Adult Swim were better, but Family Guy was the one that came back first. Also, Adult Swim even offered to fund new episodes and were told no. THEN the network got screwed over when the show they helped try to bring back was ripped away from them and given to another network. In this situation, it was Adult Swim that got screwed. On the bright side, the popularity and adoration it got from Adult Swim did help push for a continuation of the series on Comedy Central.
    • Korgoth of Barbaria, one of Adult Swim's most well received pilot shows, was supposedly green-lighted for an entire season, but aborted due to lack of funds that the higher ups refused to provide.
    • Adult Swim requested that the third season of Moral Orel to be as Darker and Edgier as much as creator Dino Stamatopoulos could make it. He complied — creating the saddest, darkest, most soul-crushing episodes of the show he could (with "Alone"note , the two-part episode where Orel is on a hunting trip with his alcoholic father, and "Numb"note  as the cream of the crop). While the fans applauded the episodes for going in directions that mainstream Western animation fears to tread, the execs regretted the decision and the show was canceled.
    • Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit was constantly schedule-switch later and later until it aired at 5:30 AM EST by Adult Swim, dropped after 10 episodes, restarted in a better timeslot, and then got dropped again after Geneon went bankrupt, and it was removed from the air until the licensing issues were resolved. However, the problems were eventually solved, and Adult Swim re aired and completed the series between June and December 2009.
    • The second season of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil was canned after going through two years of Development Hell. A half hour second season was planned along with a new pilot, but both of which were scrapped due to Loren Bouchard and the network having creative disagreements about the show.
    • A second season of Stroker and Hoop was planned thanks to good ratings, including a series premiere that would have wrapped up the cliff hanger, but Adult Swim thought the show was far too expensive to produce, and as a result, it was canned with no ending.
  • Sleeper Hit:

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