Funny: Tommy Boy

  • This exchange:
    Tommy: No offense; but if I sent a picture of your mom back to my buddies at college, she'd definitely be "Boner of the Month"!
    Paul: I'm honored.
  • The deer Tommy and Richard hit that suddenly wakes up in the back seat and destroys Richard's car.
    Tommy: I swear I've seen a lot of stuff in my life, but that... was... awesome. [laughing] [Beat] ... but, sorry about your car, man. That sucks.
  • Tommy catching Richard having A Date with Rosie Palms and making a Running Gag out of it.
  • Richard's airline announcements are so deadpan-caustic they're hilarious.
  • "Housekeeping, you want me to jerk you off?"
  • Six words - fat guy in a little coat.
  • Tommy's answers a question on a test in the opening credits. "Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Herbie Hancock were all framers of the constitution."
  • Tommy and Richard's big, goofy singalongs in the car.
  • A sales demonstration by Tommy Callahan.
  • Let's face it, just about everything Tommy says or does.
  • Tommy and Richard have it out on the side of the road - Richard smacks Tommy out cold with a two-by-four, then looks up at a billboard. "Hey, Prehistoric Forest!"