Funny / The Living Daylights

  • Rosika Miklos's scene fake-seducing her superior. The look on his face when she rips her jumpsuit open is undescribable: fear, desire, amazement all mixed into one.
    Rosika Miklos: What kind of girl do you think I am?!
  • Rosika definitely believes in I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!, since when she salutes Bond, she thrusts her chest out proudly.
  • 002 being outed from the exercise by the SAS moments after landing. His annoyed glare really sells it.
  • The end of the action opening:
    Linda: It's all so boring here, Margo. There's nothing but playboys and tennis pros. If only I could find a Real Man.
    (with Bond dropping in by parachute in 3... 2... 1...)
    • Then, there's the friggin' pose Bond makes while using Linda's phone.
    • "Command? This is 007. I'll report in an hour." "Won't you join me?" "... Better make that two."
  • The cello problem.
    Kara: We must go back to get my cello!
    Bond: No. Way.
    (Gilligan Cut to James alone in the car at the conservatory)
    Bond: Why couldn't you have learned the violin?
    • Later, when Bond's car is destroyed, they're sledding down the hill on the cello case. At one point Bond quips "Glad I insisted you brought that cello".
    • "We have nothing to declare!" "Just this cello!"
  • Kara Milovy, worst pilot EVER! Damn, did James really have to be the one to tell you you're about to crash into a canyon wall?!
  • Bond's string of Blatant Lies to explain away his car's Q Branch gadgetry, in the middle of an extended car chase. After slicing a car with a laser:
    Kara: What was that?
    Bond: [perfectly straight-faced] Salt corrosion.
  • This exchange, before Koskov is stuffed into a capsule in order to be smuggled into Austria:
    Bond: Relax, Georgi. Our engineers have spent months perfecting this.
    Koskov: How many times have you done this before?
    Bond: You're the first!
    Koskov: No! [gets stuffed inside]
  • Bond is instructed to bring a hamper from Harrods for Koskov at the safe house. As Koskov is gleefully emptying it, M is surprised that the brand of champagne is one that wasn't on the list:
    Bond: The brand on the list was rather questionable, sir. I took the liberty of choosing something else.
    (M gives Bond a Death Glare, implying that he was the one who chose the original item)
  • Upon learning how to detonate his key ring explosive, Bond hangs it up on Q's gas mask and prepares to begin the activation whistle just to screw with him.
    • At the end of the sequence, Q asks a random tech to lie down in a couch, which immediately flips the tech under the cushions and gives Q a free space to sit.
    • And when being instructed on the gadgets of the film, including the "whistle and it beeps" keyring and its included grenade modes (which whistling "Rule Britannia" triggers a gas grenade, a wolf whistle makes it explode like a small grenade):
    Bond: And what do I whistle to blow up the whole room? "God Save the Queen"?
  • The Ghetto Blaster. A rocket launcher hidden in a boom-blaster playing 80s-rock. Probably one of the most over-the-top weapons Q has made.
  • While at the carnival, Bond competes at a target range when the attendant begs "No more", which is understandable when you realize what a good shot Bond is. His prize is a stuffed elephant for Kara.
  • The ticking, beeping explosive device planted into the opium, which Bond just *happened* to have tucked under his shirt. It even has a red, digital "alarm clock" display.
  • When captured by Necros and Koskov, Bond is given a fake ID as a medical patient: Jerzy Bondov.
  • Kamran Shah accompanied by his Afghan rebels showing up at Kara's concert, they'd have got there sooner, but had some trouble getting through customs.
  • When Koskov tries to bullshit his way out of trouble with Puskin at the very end, Pushkin initially seems to fall for it:
    Pushkin: (Warmly) Georgi, Georgi, Georgi! Put him on the first plane to Moscow!
    (Koskov is handed over to the soldiers, looking relieved)
    Pushkin: (Considerably less warm) In the diplomatic bag.
    (Koskov is dragged away, looking much less relieved)
  • After Bond and Kara overpower the Soviet guards in the jail cell:
    Kara: You were wonderful! We're free!
    Bond: Kara, we're inside a Soviet air base in the middle of Afghanistan!
  • Kara's attempt to insult Bond when he says he must return to the airbase to stop Koskov, complete with her whacking him down with a pillow as she shouts in Russian.
    Bond: (Laughing) What is that supposed to mean?
    Kara: Back end of horse!
    Bond: (Barely keeping himself from laughing) You calling me a horse's arse?