Heartwarming / The Living Daylights

  • The Gilligan Cut where Kara insists on getting her cello during their getaway.
  • The ending. The Bond girl, Kara Milovy, finishes her concert and runs into M and General Gogol, who tell her Bond's off on assignment. Dejected, she returns to her room...and guess who's behind the door? He even filled a couple of martini glasses for her! Awwww....
    • Kamran Shah and his Afghan rebels arrival at the concert, even if they were late.
  • Kamran Shah's joyful laughter while Bond is beating the shit out of the Soviet prison guards, no doubt Karman felt Bond was giving the man a much overdue karmic punishment.
  • Bond and Kara's first romantic moment on the Ferris wheel, which comes across as genuine and natural. The entire relationship between the two is a major difference from the old Bond tendency to woo the women into bed effortlessly and drop them without a single memory; Bond seems like he truly wants to stay with Kara, maybe even forever.