Heartwarming / Octopussy

The Film:

  • Octopussy's protectiveness of Bond for allowing her father to take the honorable way out.
  • When Bond realises General Orlov's plan, he visibly gets angry at the prospect of Orlov's scheme killing thousands of innocent people. For a man who is usually known for his womanising and killing, this shows a nicer side to Bond.
  • It's always nice when Bond shows some emotion at a comrade's death:
    • Following Vijay's death, when another character blithely declares "No problem" (Vijay's Catch Phrase) Bond winces, clearly thinking of him.
    • After killing on of the knife-throwing twins, Bond angrily declares, "And that's for OO9!"

The Short Story:

  • The fact that It's Personal for Bond makes it interesting enough, but if you've read By Royal Command and learned just how lovely a man Hannes Oberhauser was, and what he did for young James, it's even more powerful.