Funny / A View to a Kill

  • When Zorin is seeing Bond's credentials on his computer, and his excited little chuckle when the computer tells him that Bond is lethally dangerous and licensed to kill. Christopher Walken makes the scene incredibly funny.
  • The "are you freaking SERIOUS?!" looks that Golgol and Pola give each other after they realize Bond switched the tapes on them.
  • The SFPD captain who berates his officers for wrecking their patrol cars trying to chase Bond over the Third Street drawbridge (that he had ordered the bridge operator to open), even as his own cruiser is being crushed by the bridge's counterweight. It almost looks like the officers are chuckling at their captain's misfortune.
  • Right after one of Zorin's potential investors backs out of the Main Strike plan, and subsequently drops him out of the blimp into San Francisco Bay:
    Zorin: Now, does anybody else want to drop out?
  • Bond asking his assistant (Sir Godfrey Tibbett) to take the car back to London from Zorin's horse stables. The guy's nearly finished cleaning his car, and he asks Bond what excuse he'll give Zorin for leaving. Bond tells him to say that he's getting a car wash. Cue the man stopping, glancing at the sponge in his hand, then regretfully picking up his bucket of dirty water and sloshing it all over his car again.
  • It's a quick moment, but during the scene where May Day is in bed with Bond and she...takes charge, during their kiss, Bond has a look on his face and you can almost read his mind; "The things I do for England..."
  • Golgol presents Bond with a medal for his stopping Silicon Valley from being destroyed. When M offers surprise at that, Gogol dryly points out that Soviet computer technology is entirely dependent on what they can steal from American technology.