Trivia: A View to a Kill

  • Fake Nationality: Willoughby Gray, who plays the German Doctor Carl Mortner, is a Brit.
  • Fake Russian: The KGB agent Pola Ivanova is played by a Brit born in Nigeria, Fiona Fullerton.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Old Shame: The least favorite film from his tenure, Roger Moore regrets making this movie for many reasons. Besides realizing he was too old to be Bond, he was appalled with the scene where Zorin gleefully guns down his own men.
  • Reality Subtext: Zorin's "Main Strike" is scheduled to happen on the 22nd, the same day as the Kennedy assassination; the Texan oil driller Conley is a reference to Texan Governor Connally, who was also shot but survived; and Sir Godfrey Tibbet is a reference to JD Tibbet, the policeman Lee Harvey Oswald was originally arrested for shooting.
  • Throw It In: When Stacey comes out of the shack in Silicon Valley wearing a pair of coveralls, Bond comments "Pity you couldn't find one that fits" and Stacey gives him a dirty look. This scene was not in the script. Roger Moore ad-libbed the line and Tanya Roberts' reaction was genuine; because Tanya Roberts had refused to film the scene until the wardrobe department made her a pair of custom-fitted coveralls that would look flattering on her. And, because Tanya Roberts was so difficult to work with, the director decided to leave it in.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Pierce Brosnan would have taken up the 007 mantle ten years early if he hadn't decided to do Remington Steele instead.
    • David Bowie turned down the role of Zorin.
    • Maryam D'Abo screen-tested as Pola Ivanova, but was rejected for being too young. She would star as Kara Milovy in the next Bond movie The Living Daylights.
    • The producers wanted to bring back Barbara Bach as Major Anya Amasova from The Spy Who Loved Me. After Bach declined, the part was changed into Pola Ivanova.