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Funny: The Iron Giant
  • Giant metal robot + cannonballing into a lake + giant wave + epic Oh Crap face = Hilarious
    • After Dean is deposited on the road:
      Farmer: (pulling up in truck full of pigs) Hey!
      Dean: Yeah?
      Farmer: You're right in the middle of the road!
      Dean: Yeah?!
      Farmer: (Beat) Alright. (drives off)
      Dean: I think that's enough fun for one day.
  • "Would you say grace please?"
  • "Yes...I mean, NO! CALL ME DEEEEEEAN!"
  • The cafe scene: Hogarth has lost his squirrel, his mom has been getting on his case about bringing stray animals home, Dean happens to be in the cafe.
    Dean: (Smiling awkwardly) Found your pet.
    Hogarth: Great, where is it?
    Dean: (Suddenly starts to crack) It's in my leg, man. The squirrel's in my pants, Hogarth. I'm trying not to wig out here.
    Hogarth: Don't wig out.
    Dean: (Nervously) Oo-kay, he's heading North now. (Jumps up from the table, shaking his leg) Ugh, I'm sorry kid. (To the other customers) I'd like to apologize to everyone in advance for this! (Proceeds to unzip his pants, letting the squirrel out which causes mayhem in the cafe)
    Dean: Check please.
    Annie: (Glares at Hogarth, who just grins sheepishly)
    Random background customer: IT'S A RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!
    • Among the things that happen while the squirrel is running along the tables is that a man does a perfect Spit Take right into the face of the customer across from him with a full mouth of coffee.
  • "...Is there any more coffee?"
  • Hogarth meeting Kent.
    Kent: Hey, sport! Kent Mansley. I work for the government-
    Door: (SLAM)
  • Kent during his investigations.
    Kent Mansley: (gets in car) Enormous beast, yeah... Biggest thing in this town is probably the homecoming queeohmyGOD! (pan out to reveal half the car is gone)
    • As he runs away, the Giant's hand reaches for the rest.
  • "Screw our country! I wanna live!"
  • Dean meets giant robot.
    Hogarth: His name is Dean. We LIKE Dean.
    • "DEAN."
  • The entire scene of Hogarth sneaking the Giant's hand out of the house.
  • The Giant hiding against a billboard, saluting with one hand and holding a cheeseburger in the other, is a wonderful sight gag.
  • The "Scrap and Art" scene.
    • "There are two kinds of metal in this yard: scrap and art. If you gotta eat one of them, eat the scrap. What you currently have IN YOUR MOUTH IS ART!"
    • The Giant examines and modifies the half-sculpture that he removes from his mouth, and Dean admits, "That's... not bad."
    • And then Dean decides to have the Giant help him make art, which is also a heartwarming moment.
  • Kent and General Rogard's phone conversation.
    Kent: This thing...this thing is a menace. It tore up a power station, it - it caused a train wreck!
    Gen. Rogard: What did? Tell me again, Mansley, and this time...listen to yourself.
    Kent: ...(sighs) A giant...metal monster.
    Gen. Rogard: (laughs hysterically)
    • The clincher to that part of the scene is the ridiculous looking oven mitt in clear view of Kent as Rogard laughs his ass off...which Kent promptly turns around in annoyance. Perfectly conveys what Rogard thinks of his investigation thus far.
    • Mansley throwing a tantrum when the phone won't sit in its cradle.
  • The Giant's final solution to stopping a car alarm: *FLING!*
  • "You know, this is why it's so important to really chew your food."
    • The look Mansley receives from Hogarth's mother is absolutely priceless.
  • Rogard falling for Hogarth and Dean's ruse that the Giant is one of Dean's art projects, also a funny moment. He takes out his frustration on Kent, while Hogarth watches smugly from the window.
    • And while Dean and Annie are talking, we can hear Rogard still yelling and we can't hear what he's saying, but we do get this part when we cut back to Rogard and Kent.
    "You'll be chief inspector of subway toilets by the time I'm finished with you!"
  • Kent Mansley muttering in his car about Hogarth's unusual name.
    Kent: What kind of a sick person names a kid 'Hogarth'? Might as well call him Zeppo or something.
  • Not to mention the blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment of him checking out Hogarth's mother's chest when she opens the door all the way. Then again, who can blame him?
    "...well. Hello there."
  • Hogarth making Kent a "landslide" ice cream sundae.
  • The montage of Kent pestering Hogarth in the house about what he saw in the woods, culminating in Hogarth bellowing at the top of his lungs, "I'M GOIN' OOOOOOOOOOOOUT!"
  • YMMV on this one, but as a truck with Rogard, Mansley, and another soldier are driving away with a pissed off Giant in pursuit, Mansley is yelling at the driver: "DRIVE, BABY, DRIVE! STEP ON IT, FLOOR IT! IT'S GAINING ON US! FASTER, FASTER, FASTER! (in a high-pitched voice) HURRY!"
  • The scene where Hogarth is going home and the Giant is following him.
    Hogarth: No. No. Me go. You stay. No following. (Giant continues following him, until Hogarth gets annoyed) I told you! I'll come back tomorrow! NOW, STAY! (Hogarth walks off and Giant continues following him) (getting frustrated) NO, NO, NO! BAD ROBOT!
  • When Hogarth demonstrates "wig out" to the Giant earlier on, the Giant mimics him until Hogarth says, "No, no, don't do that! That's the kind of stuff that makes them shoot at you."
    • Later, when the Giant is following Hogarth home, after Hogarth tries several times to tell him to stay in the forest:
    Hogarth: Look, you can't go stomping around and you can't come home with me. My mom will wig out.
    Giant: (mimics the funny face Hogarth made earlier) Ah-ah-ah-ooh!
  • This line when Hogarth is trying to figure out what to do with his new friend:
    Hogarth: -and we can't tell Ripley's Believe It or Not! because they wouldn't believe it.

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