Fridge: The Iron Giant

Fridge Brilliance

  • The giant arrives on Earth with what looks like a meteor impact responsible for its amnesia. If it was such an impact, it might not even be on the planet its creators intended to launch it at.
  • When Hogarth and the Giant go out walking at night, pay attention to the moon in one scene. Just to the right of it, one of the stars can be seen moving. That's Sputnik.
  • This one could be considered Fridge Brilliance AND Fridge Horror: Hogarth is able to speak so eloquently about death because his Disappeared Dad (presumably, judging by the picture on his bedside table) may have died in the Korean War.

Fridge Horror

  • The gigantic robotic super weapon had to come from somewhere (which the movie never acknowledges). It's likely that those who sent the Iron Giant to earth are not going to just give up after one failed attempt. This deleted scene shows the Iron Giant's memory of him and an army of others of his kind destroying another planet. The fact that the creators were so willing to sacrifice an army of them also strongly hints that there are plenty more of them, too. Also, the end of the movie explicitly shows us that the robots can survive nuclear blasts. And who's to say that he's still friendly after reassembling himself?
    • The very last image of the film is him giving a friendly smile to the camera. We're fine.