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Awesome: The Iron Giant


  • Though it's not exactly a good thing, the Giant getting royally pissed off and opening up a massive can of gun filled whoop ass is undeniably awesome.
  • "You can fly?! You can fly!"
    • The Giant just managing to suppress his defence mechanism when fired upon by fighter jets.
  • The Iron Giant catching the fleeing Mansley in the jeep, shaking him out of it, and then crushing the jeep.
    • Some critics have referred to this as the best Superman movie in history.
  • It may seem small, but seeing Dean stand his ground to protect Hogarth from a massive, heavily-armed robot while yelling at it to "Get back!" after Hogarth almost gets vaporized most likely counts as this.
    • As well as that moment when he first sees the Giant, the first thing he does after his Oh, Crap moment is quickly try to get Hogarth away from what he believes to be a threat.
  • General Rogard's Kick the Son of a Bitch with Mansley. After the latter orders the nuclear missile fired at the giant, Rogard points out that they don't have enough time to get out of the blast zone. Mansley says Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, but Rogard orders his men to "make sure he stays here like a good soldier," and keep from running. Rogard then prepares to Face Death with Dignity. Of course the missile doesn't kill any of them, but seeing Mansley get get what's coming to him was very rewarding.
    Gen. Rogard: You realize how much hardware we hauled out here! You just blew millions of Uncle Sam's dollars out of your butt!
  • The speech Dean gives about the Iron Giant (the "work of art") to the military. Blatant lies, of course, but...
  • Hogarth Hughes runs right to the Giant, who is on an Unstoppable Rage. Guns all around his body and he points one at Hogarth. Hogarth is probably terrified at this moment, but he doesn't run. He stands his ground and talks to the Giant:
    Hogarth: It's bad to kill. Guns kill. And you don't have to be a gun. You are what you choose to be. You choose. Choose.
    (The Giant shuts down his battle mode and returns to normal.)
    Giant: I am not a gun.


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