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Tear Jerker: The Iron Giant


  • Watching the Giant struggle in pain as the electrical wires he had been trying to eat at the power plant electrocute him.
  • The Giant's Heroic Sacrifice: "You...stay. I...go. No following."
    • "Superman..."
      • One wonders what Vin Diesel would say to the knowledge that he can reduce grown men to tears with a single word. One that isn't a threat, that is.
      • One also suspects that Kal-El would be honored.
  • "Souls don't die..."
  • The Giant after believing Hogarth to be dead. Even savvy viewers that knew otherwise got choked up by the Giant grieving for his friend.
    • If you listen close during that scene, you can hear the Giant whimper, "Hogarth."
    • Watching the Giant succumb to his defense mechanism can be a Tear Jerker as well. Yes it can be a Crowning Moment Of Awesome for some, but it's very much like Sulley scaring Boo; we've gotten so used to this Gentle Giant that seeing him like this is legitimately horrifying, especially since he actually tried to resist his mechanism just a few seconds ago.
      • The expression on the Giant's face once he snaps out of his rage and goes back to normal.
  • The deer in the forest and Hogarth's explanation of the concept of death to the Giant.
  • The ending where the Giant is piecing himself back together bit by bit after being blown up is a Tear Jerker of the joyful kind.
  • This exchange of dialogue.
    Annie: Shouldn't we get to a shelter?
    Dean: wouldn't matter...
    • Just the hopelessness and sense of realism in his voice...
  • The scene after Hogarth nearly gets vaporized by the Giant when they were playing a game and the Giant mistook Hogarth's toy gun for a real weapon, and Dean yells at him, calling him "a big gun that walks." Giant then gets a "My God, What Did I Almost Do?" moment when he sees a bus with a vaporized hole as Dean tells him, "You almost did THAT to Hogarth!"


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