Funny / Stitch!

It's a Gag Series, of course you're gonna get a few funny moments. Examples listed below are from the English dub.

Ichariba Choodee

  • The beginning where Stitch is on the run from the Galactic Federation, and then Jumba tries to talk some sense into him.
  • Gantu and Reuben are together again, only to find out he's been fired.
    Gantu: I was not fired, I was dishonorably discharged!
  • Then, Gantu tries to catch Stitch... only for Stitch to redirect Gantu's missiles back at him, leaving him in undies and half a ship.
    Reuben: Why'd you hire him again?
    Hamsterviel: He works cheap!
  • When Stitch and Jumba are sucked into a black hole:
    Jumba: Must not get sucked into Black Hole! This is rental!
    • He got sucked in.
      • After the two fall in, a cow, some food, and Mickey Mouse Pants get sucked in as well.
  • On Iyazoi Island, Stitch gets hungry. The first thing he does? Go to random animals on the beach and ask them if they are food.
  • Kenny's excuse for only having a White Belt.
    Kenny: When I went to the Belt Store, all they had was White!
  • Yuna snaps a stick in front of Penny, who begs not to get hurt, only for this to happen:
    Yuna: (Chewing on stick) Sugarcane, it's sweet.
    Penny: Unlike you!
  • The scene before and at the Pineapple Factory.
    Officer Suzuki: There's a blue monster turning the Pineapple Factory upside down. It's like Pineapple Upside-down Cake, without the cake.
    Yuna: Let's go check it out.
    Taro: No thanks. I got my game back, I'm good.
    Yuna: (Quickly) Nope, you're coming with me!
    • After:
    Taro: This looks like my room before my mom yells at me.
  • In town, Stitch stealing Penny, Kenny, Ted and Marvin's Ice Creams before taking a whole box of ice creams. The result? A major brain freeze.
    • Then, he casually pulls on a woman's dress, asking for a watermelon, but when the woman turns around, they both scream in surprise and back away, resulting in Stitch getting a watermelon stuck on his head and then rolling into the Fish Store before crashing into the Deli.
    Yuna: (After seeing the destruction) If I had to guess, I'd say the monster came through here.
  • Stitch is later found in the forest, shaking trees to get papayas out. He swallows some up whole in less than ten seconds, and then hits the side of the tree, letting the last one fall before burping and going to sleep. Before finally sleeping, he burps one more, right on cue of a musical note.
  • Yuna finds Stitch asleep. So as not to startle Stitch, she takes a stick and pokes at his stomach. It makes a Squish sound as she taps it. Stitch, still sleeping, grabs the stick and chews on it, causing Yuna to falter and struggle to get the stick back, eventually falling back with a bit of the stick left.
    Yuna: He's got such incredible strength!
    • Then there's when Yuna takes a closer look at Stitch. She goes face to face with him. All of a sudden, he awakes. There's a Beat before they both stammer in surprise. Cue outer shot of island with a Skyward Scream, enough for both of them to be thrown back.
    • When Stitch is called out for causing all the trouble in town by Yuna:
    Stitch: Kisha Me Gis?
    • "Naga Arrest, Naga Arrest!"
      • Mostly, all of the battle between Stitch and Yuna. Stitch mocking Yuna, him throwing her around, which she does in return, ending in them both running down a hill for dear lives and falling off the edge of a cliff, trying to fly to safety. When Yuna can't, she hangs onto Stitch, but he falls too.
  • After Yuna saves Stitch:
    Yuna: You're heavy, you know that?
    Stitch: Dunga haga blabla
    Stitch: I don't like water! (Shakes water off his body.)
    Yuna: Say it, don't spray it!
  • Stitch and Yuna's time in the Cave during the storm. After Yuna's denial of her Fear of Thunder, it strikes, causing many images of Stitch and Yuna to show, the last depicting Yuna doing a Security Cling to Stitch.
  • "You can't make a wish 'caus you don't have a belly button!"
  • Stitch's attempt to get the power of the Spiritual Stone. It ends... poorly.
  • Stitch's Imagine Spot on what he'd do with the Ultimate Power: Being Ruler of the Universe.
  • Pleakley's Big "NO!" when he realizes that he and Jumba are stuck on an asteroid forever.

The Good Deed Counter

  • Stitch and Yuna throwing each other off in their sleep.
  • Since Stitch doesn't know Japanese Customs when he comes across Chopsticks, he uses them as Conductor's Wands, and then sticks to twirl around a plate, which falls to the ground and shatters. What does Stitch do to cover it up? Remold it into a Mickey Mouse head.
  • Yuna's face when Stitch eats all the yams.
  • Stitch using Chopsticks. He gets so frustrated when being unable to pick up the yams that he eats them all again. The resulting chase and event happens:
    Yuna: You can't just help yourself to whatever you want! It is not all. about. you! What are you, some kind of runaway, yam-eating monster?!
    • Notice that Grandma is calm the whole time.
  • Stitch's first attempt at a Karate Bow. It results in him falling on his head and standing upside down.
  • Stitch's joking around after performing a Karate Stance, followed by his off-the-ground handshake with Officer Suzuki.
  • Stitch trying to make up for his mistakes in the city. He stacks fruit after seeing it be done, resulting in him rolling over to the store, where he plugs everything in, causing all the appliances to go haywire.
  • The Running Gag of Pleakley's Unplanned Crossdressing at the most inconvenient of times.
  • When Jumba and Pleakley arrive on Earth, the latter is so amazed by Grandma's knowledge on Yokai that Jumba calls her "Professor Grandma".
  • Yuna referring to Jumba and Pleakley as fat and skinny Yokai. Becomes a Brick Joke when she is wrong later on.
  • Pleakley asking Yuna if she is a Yokai. She is so offended by this.
  • Pleakley worrying about Stitch doing good deeds.
  • "Ring me up, baby!"
  • Yuna asks Stitch what his wish is. When she hears that he wants to get the Ultimate Power of the Universe, her reaction is priceless, which is followed by him using food to dress up as a Gladiator.
    • And it costs him a point on his Good Deed Counter.
  • Pleakley's Call-Back of a Skyward Scream when multiple animals swarm his body.
  • The stinger: Gantu continuously asking Reuben for Egg Salad, resulting in him always saying another sandwich.


  • Stitch and Yuna fishing. Since Stitch fails to catch any fish, he throws one giant object into the ocean, causing all the water to fall onto them, and still, he has no fish.
  • Taro thinking that Kijimunaa eating eyeballs is low-fat.
  • Stitch's appearance in school. He is still wearing the bucket from fishing on his head, and he freaks everyone out.
    Marvin: W-what is that thing?!
    Ted: Quick! Put a muzzle on him!
    Stitch: Meega not a doggie.
    Stitch: (Sneezes on Penny.)
  • Miss Kawasaki meets Stitch:
    Miss Kawasaki: Ah, so you're the famous Stitch. Nice to meet you.
    Stitch: "Nice to meet you." (Bows, but falls over, bucket on ground and him upside down.) So, agga taga en bota?