Funny / Steamboy

  • One of the war machines walking up a stairway out of the river, just to slip and noisily fall back in.
  • The backflip the Monowheel does when it's starting up.
  • When the Steam Castle turns into theme park mode:
    Simon to arms dealers: "Well, we include something for the kids."
  • Scarlett's very curt "make sure we win" when she finds out they're having a "small war" with Britain.
  • Toward the end of the film, Lloyd makes a big dramatic farewell speech and prepares to go down with the Steam Castle fading into the enveloping steam clouds as he does so. Then James promptly points out that the Steam Castle isn't where Lloyd wanted it to be, and his Heroic Sacrifice won't work. Lloyd barrels out of the steam with a Big "WHAT?!" and a desperate expression. All that's missing is a Record Scratch.