Awesome / Steamboy

  • The showdown between Lloyd and Edward.
    Lloyd: ...that may well be true, but the heart of man is not ready. Men are corrupt and foolish, what will they do with such power? Plunge the world into war and chaos!
    Edward: And that very chaos will transform us! The heart adapts to reality-
    Lloyd: But the heart goes first, Eddie!
  • And Lloyd's stirring speech to his grandson.
    Lloyd: You are the heir to the Steam family, you alone. You know right from wrong, never let go of that! And do not give the treasures of science to the greedy, the wicked! You must preserve the future for all of us.
  • The incredible animation is a feat in and of itself. The sheer amount of Technology Porn is absolutely beautiful.
    • The sequence where Ray throws himself and the steamball over the railing, only to catch a wire with his shirt was so well-done that viewers might forget that it's not real for a second or two.