YMMV / Steamboy

  • Ear Worm:
  • Ending Fatigue: That climax just will not end.
  • Inferred Holocaust:
    • London is saved when the steam castle explodes in the Thames but then you realize that a good chunk of London was frozen, blown up, and smashed during the latter half of the movie. Not to mention the flooding when the frozen clouds of steam melted. Regardless of how many weapons the foundations manages to sell, the British government will, at the very least, sue the living pants off the foundation for damages inured to their capital.
      • They might not be able, considering British military attacked first. As far as we know, the O'Hara Foundation probably didn't plan on attacking the exhibition, and the military acted on Stephenson's claims they inteded to use the Steam Ball to cause trouble, so that old general is going to be in trouble. NO ONE except the Steam Family, Stephenson, Simon and Scarlett know the full details, and none of them will be telling. Plus, it's also likely the foundation will blame it all on Simon; it kind of IS his fault, at any rate. It could also be blamed on Edward, but he simply disappeared after the Castle blew up. They have three perfect scapegoats: Stephenson who can be accused of lying to and manipulating the British Empire to start a war to try winning a petty rivalry, Simon who can be accused of going rogue and making illegal arms dealing without the company's authorization and awareness, and Edward who can be accused of going crazy and starting a rampage over Stephenson's attack. And they would make perfect sense, because if you ignore O'Hara's involvement, that's pretty much what happened!). The three could be accused of treason and warmongering, and O'Hara seemingly has enough money to buy everyone off.
  • Padding: A good third of the movie, though it does sort of cross with Technology Porn.
  • Superlative Dubbing: Christ yes. The dub got the British Accents spot on. Also, Patrick Stewart.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Apart from the animation, general consensus for the movie seems to be this.