Funny / Star Fox

  • In the original SNES game, the hidden stage "Out of this Dimension": after flying through a stage of waving gigantic stars and faces, you shoot a slot machine until you get three matching symbols, set to a mash-up of some Japanese song, When the Saints Go Marching In, and Lightly Row. Though this will probably only happen the second time you see it; the first time, you'll be either horribly confused or tearing your hair out. The latter may happen multiple times.
    • In the regular levels, we get another boss whose mere existence is hilarious: Professor Hangar/Hanger. Right when you see him, he says BYE BYE!! and flies away. You then beat some enemies and, if you're quick enough, horribly destroy him.
  • Just as funny as it is awesome, is when you destroy the Forever Train by switching it onto the spur line to the factory's fuel bunker. "NO! HIT THE BRAKES!", the engineer cries, but Inertia Is a Cruel Mistress and he is powerless to stop what is left of his train from plowing through the speed barriers and headlong into the bunker. You can't help but laugh.
  • Falco's reaction to hearing that Slippy actually has a fiancee is... emotional.
    Falco: What!? Slippy's engaged? ...Like, to a woman? Engaged... Ha ha ha ha! AAHHH HA HA HA HA!!
    Fox: Don't laugh.
    Falco: S-sorry, Fox. ...Mmmph! Mmm.. HAAAAAA ha ha ha!
  • Wolf in Assault:
    Wolf: "I hate that frog!"
    • The following conversation with Slippy:
      Slippy: "Wow, take ME for a ride someday."
      Wolf: "Quit your croaking, toady."
    • He says the following if Fox shoots him while wing-riding on his Wolfen.
      Wolf: "You stupid dog! Get ahold of yourself."
      Wolf: "Point that thing at me and you better be ready to die, pup."
      • Wolf's usage of "pup" could be considered hilarious, since he says it so frequently.
        Wolf: "You've gotten soft, pup!"
        Wolf: "You're a pitiful sight, pup!"
        Wolf: "Point that thing at me and you better be ready to die, pup."
        Wolf: "Keep your advice to yourself and your eyes front, pup."
      • Another quote said if Fox shoots his Wolfen: "What are you doing to my darling Wolfen?" Which is a bit out of character and makes Wolf a little adorkable with an implication that he has an emotional attachment to his ship.
  • Plus this conversation in Assault's Orbital Gate level, if you save Slippy:
    Falco: "Unbelievable. You're such a basket case!"
    Slippy: "I just let my guard down for a second..."
  • During the first stage of the Aparoid Queen battle:
    Aparoid Queen (impersonating ROB): "Probability of Star Fox Team victory: zero."
  • This exchange from the Sauria mission in Assault:
    Falco: "Try not to make a mess of things, Slippy."
    Slippy: "Give it a rest, Falco. Seriously, shut your beak for once."
  • Slippy doing The Cabbage Patch and The Swim when he wins a match in Assault's vs. mode.
  • Leon's secret conversation with Panther in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
    Panther: Are you more envious of the Shred-DER or the Shred-DEE?
  • Fox spends the first few hours of Star Fox Adventures utterly frustrated with his mission, and his facial expressions do nothing to hide it. Everything from not being allowed to use his blaster to being incapable of understanding anything the dinosaurs say at first. (In fact, the first thing he hears when his translator starts working is Tricky making fun of him.) The highlight is when he successfully returns Tricky to his mother, then radios back to Peppy to report that the mission is complete, only to be reminded that the mission had nothing to do with that.
  • This video contains footage from Star Fox Adventures; it’s the scene where the player is first introduced to Fox and his comrades. To go along with the background, there is a song playing. The song playing on the jukebox is part of Ringo Starr’s version of “Drowning In The Sea Of Love”, a disco themed song that appeared on his 1977 album, Ringo the 4th. And considering the way that Fox falls for Krystal later in the game, it’s made even funnier.
  • Falco usually butts heads with his teammates. One particularly funny example in 64 in Titania:
    Falco: "I think you look better in a tank!"
    Fox: "Why don't you come down here, Falco?"
    Falco: "I'll pass, Fox."
    Falco: [to himself] "He can sure be a pain in the neck..."
  • Falco seems to generate these. For instance, in Command:
    Falco: Thanks, Kat! Although I would have been just fine on my own.
    Katt: ...I come all this way to help, and that's what you say? You're an idiot, Falco. I'm never helping you again.
  • Wolf in Command, chasing a missile:
    Wolf: Hey, missile! Yeah, you! You suck!
  • Leon in Command is very excited at the thought that his reward for helping to save everybody might include rainbows and flowers. Made even more hilarious by Wolf's utterly freaked out response.
  • Fox freaking out in Assault when Tricky mentions bringing Krystal to Sauria for their honeymoon.
  • And, of course, General Pepper's Big "WHAT?!" after the credits in Star Fox 64 if you scored high enough.
  • More Star Fox Adventures: After putting up with Tricky for the first little bit of the game, Fox goes to the Krazoa Palace for the first time. He soon realizes that Tricky isn't there, and the Warpstone explains that he can't warp dinosaurs:
  • Granga, the normal boss of Corneria in 64. Not only is he a pushover, especially once you shoot one of his legs so he can't move, but he lets out his Big "NO!" every time you hit him.
    "Noooooo! Noooooo! Noo-N-N-No-Noooo-N-N-Nooo-N—" (BOOM) "MY EMPEROR, I'VE FAILED YOOUUUU!"
  • The Shogun Warlord's damage dialogue, due to the delivery and how it sounds like Getting Crap Past the Radar.
    • And who could forget his pre-death scream?
  • When Star Wolf shows up in the hard path to Venom in Star Fox 64, they all look worse for wear after being defeated on Fortuna (though they will still look like this even if this is the first time you meet them). Leon's a cyborg, Pigma has a metal plate in his skull, Andrew has to wear a face concealing helmet, and Wolf...has a few bandaids plastered on his face.
  • Assault. First mission. Slippy gets chased literally TEN SECONDS after starting. That escalated quickly.
  • The unlockable on foot mode for Star Fox 64's versus mode. It plays a lot like the Landmaster. Giant explosion on death included. Their handguns are perfectly capable of destroying tanks and spacecraft.
  • Kill Stealing from an ally never gets old.