Funny / Rugrats in Paris

  • The whole opening homage to The Godfather, including a reference to the famous horse head scene.
  • The first girl Chaz meets online is not allowed in the state of Kentucky.
  • Spike pissing on the Eiffel Tower.
  • Angelica asking the babies why they like poop and Tommy responding "Where do you want us to start Angelica?"
    • And the lead-up
    Tommy: My daddy is helping your daddy catch some date in a net.
    Chuckie: What are dates?
    Phil: Big raisins that make you poop.
  • The Sumo karaoke scene, with Angelica's rendition of "Bad Girls".
  • The following exchange, when Kira's calling out her boss.
    Kira: Madame Labouche! You cannot go through with this! It's obvious: you don't really love Chaz or Chuckie!
  • Angelica's blunt recollections of Coco's Evil Plan. The former's frustration mounts each time, culminating in Angelica calling Coco "That cuckoo lady".
    • Angelica's response when Mr. Yamaguchi overhears and asks her to tell him; "Okay, but listen good 'cause I'm tired of telling this story!"
  • When Chaz introduces Coco to Dil:
    Coco (trying to sound as sincere as possible): And how is this precious cupcake today?
    [Dil whacks her on the nose with his rattle]
    Coco: Why you're just a lawsuit waiting to happen, aren't you?
  • The Ooey Gooey World ride, where Coco endures a rather painful tune that plays throughout.
    Coco: Kira, remind me to eliminate whoever wrote this hideous song.
  • The entire chase scene between the robotic Reptar and Robo-Snail is made of this. Made doubly funny by all the torture Angelica endures through the ride.
  • Chuckie scratching his backside while still controlling the robotic Reptar.
    Chuckie: Hang on, guys! I think I gots a wedgie!"
  • Coco's reaction when Yamaguchi fires her.
    Coco: No one fires Coco Labuche! Coco Labuche fires others! (gestures towards Jean Claude, who looks very offended)