Funny / Rugrats Go Wild!

  • Marianne: I think we should split up.
    Nigel: Dearest! I thought we were so happy!
    (Marianne looks at him with a dull frown.)
    Nigel: Ohhh, you mean to look for the leopard.
  • When introducing himself to Eliza and Darwin, Spike claims that his full name is "Down, Spike, down! Get off that couch!"
    • Most of Darwin's comments toward Spike.
    Spike: To be honest, I'm looking for my babies.
    Eliza: You lost your babies?
    Darwin: Probably too busy drinking from the toilet.
    Spike: I was not, I was SLEEPING!
    Darwin: That was my second guess.
  • Nigel: I'll find that cat, or my name's not Nigel Archibald Thornberry!
    Tommy: I'll find that big-nosed nature guy, or my name's not Tommy Awfully Bald Pickles!
  • Pretty much everything involving Nigel when he gets hit on the head and thinks he's three years old, but this one takes the cake.
    Tommy: It's like my hero Nigel Strawberry always says.
    Nigel: The martians have landed!
    Tommy: Um, no. I was thinking 'bout when he says "Don't give up hope, fateful viewers!"
    • Tommy's expression in response to what Nigel said.
  • Donny's entire mirror routine with Chuckie, especially when Chuckie attempts to fake him out with a complicated dance and Donny just stands there. Later, when Chuckie demands his clothes back, Donny just gives a smarmy little smirk as if to say "alright, I get it, fun's over" before giving them back.
  • After Charlotte's Fanservice Action Dress Rip, it cuts to Howard staring at her with wide eyes until an annoyed Drew covers Howard's eyes.