Heartwarming / Rugrats in Paris

  • When Chaz and Kira get married.
  • When Kira asks Chuckie, and Chaz asks Kimi to dance at the end of the movie.
    Chaz: Kimi, sweetheart, may I have this dance?
    Kira: Chuckie, would you like to dance with your new mommy?
  • Chaz' reaction to Chuckie's Big "NO!": "He said his first word! He's talking!"
  • The scene where Coco takes Chuckie's teddy bear and his friends join in on the tug of war to try to get it back.
  • Tommy instinctively pulling Dil out of the way before a bowl falls on him.
  • Spike's interactions with Fifi. As Betty put it, "Looks like Spike found himself a little patootie!"
  • Lou reminding his sons that he will never forget about their mother even after marrying his loving second wife Lulu.
    Drew: I'm really happy for you Pop!
    Stu: Yeah, Lulu's a great lady.
    Lou: Yep, she's a keeper! 'Course, no one will ever replace your mother. (places his hand on his heart) It's her love in here that helped this old geezer love again.
  • Angelica genuinely apologizing to Chuckie for conspiring with Coco.
  • Chuckie and Kimi talking about Melinda, Chuckie's deceased mother, at their parents' wedding.
    Kimi: Do you ever miss her?
    Chuckie: Sometimes, but then I 'member that she's up there watching me from heaven. I guess I'm lucky! I got two mommies to look after me now!