Heartwarming / Rugrats in Paris

  • When Chaz and Kira get married.
  • When Kira asks Chuckie, and Chaz asks Kimi to dance at the end of the movie.
    Chaz: Kimi, sweetheart, may I have this dance?
    Kira: Chuckie, would you like to dance with your new mommy?
  • Chaz' reaction to Chuckie's Big "NO!": "He said his first word! He's talking!"
  • The scene where Coco takes Chuckie's teddy bear and his friends join in on the tug of war to try to get it back.
  • Tommy instinctively pulling Dil out of the way before a bowl falls on him.
  • Spike's interactions with Fifi. As Betty put it, "Looks like Spike found himself a little patootie!"
  • Lou reminding his sons that he will never forget about their mother even after marrying his loving second wife Lulu.
    Drew: I'm really happy for you Pop!
    Stu: Yeah, Lulu's a great lady.
    Lou: Yep, she's a keeper! 'Course, no one will ever replace your mother. (places his hand on his heart) It's her love in here that helped this old geezer love again.
  • Angelica genuinely apologizing to Chuckie for conspiring with Coco. Even she knows that was wrong.
  • When Coco pulls her dress from under the babies, causing them to fall over, Angelica becomes angry and rips her dress, exposing her underwear. Seeing Angelica defend the babies(in her own way) is very sweet.
    • "Listen lady! Nobody messes with my dumb babies 'cept me!"
  • Chuckie and Kimi talking about Melinda, Chuckie's deceased mother, at their parents' wedding.
    Kimi: Do you ever miss her?
    Chuckie: Sometimes, but then I 'member that she's up there watching me from heaven. I guess I'm lucky! I got two mommies to look after me now!