Funny / Ron Killings

Ever since his Face–Heel Turn in 2011, R-Truth has been a source of many memes and a periodic belly laugh. note 

  • RAW 18/4/11 - R-Truth turns heel and grabs a pack of cigarettes from an audience member. He then lights up. This episode was in the UK where smoking indoors in public places is illegal and the smarky audience reminded him with enthusiasm.
  • At the Raw after the Capitol Punishment PPV, R-Truth, The Miz, and Christian have a discussion over who got screwed the most during said PPV, and said discussion devolves into this.
  • From his backstage promo at the 2011 Survivor Series PPV: "I was out there, I was outside Madison Square Garden. I saw all those pigeons staring up at The Rock and Cena (billboard). I screamed at those pigeons. I said 'Hey pigeons! The Rock and Cena are gonna lose tonight!' You know what those pigeons said to me? *Beat* Nothing. They're pigeons. Pigeons don't talk, all they do is crap."
    • That beat was actually Matt Striker cooing as a response to Truth's presumably hypothetical question.
    • How funny was it? The MSG crowd gave him an ovation as he finished his promo out of sheer appreciation of the hilarity.
  • R-Truth's confrontation with Jimmy Hart, where he accuses him for being a "Little Jimmy".
  • When John Cena was mentioning the fact that they used to be cool before feuding. R-Truth's response?
  • Confederate soldier R-Truth. It made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin drop everything and leave the skit.
  • R-Truth's short promo before MITB 2011, where he expresses his fear of heights and spiders. Aswell as this little gem: "THAT BRIEFCASE IS GON GET GOT!"
  • R-Truth getting interviewed by Josh Matthews. Insanity at its finest!
  • After being betrayed by Miz in November 2011 (right after they lost to Cena/Rock at Survivor Series), Truth made his Heel–Face Return the last week of the year - naturally, interrupting a Miz promo and beating the hell out of him. The following week (1/2/12), Miz appeals to John Laurinaitis - the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the interim GM of RAW - for help because Miz feels, in his words, like a sitting duck. Miz, dissatisfied with Laurinaitis' efforts, storms off. Enter R-Truth from another angle, staring at the camera with his eyes popping out off his skull. Suddenly, he tucks his arms and starts flapping...and quacking. Seriously.
  • On the Raw show before the Elimination Chamber, the Raw Superstars who where gonna be in the Chamber had a debate on whether or not they win. When it gets to Truth, he in his own little world, thinks it's a Presidential debate... or perhaps a sports press conference (he mentions trading Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero at one point), or maybe a trial. Watch the glorious insanity right here. The clip starts at Truths part.
    R-Truth: Oh, really? (Big "WHAT?!" from the crowd) Well if I'm elected...
    Dolph Ziggler: (in step with the Big "WHAT?!" from the crowd) What.
    • At one point, Dolph finally has enough and calls the entire debate a joke, only to be shut down by R-Truth's patented brand of Insane Troll Logic. "I WILL NOT BE TALKED DOWN TO BY A MAN NAMED AFTER FLIPPER! KIKI! KIKI! KIKIKIKI!" Dolph's face of utter disbelief is classic.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one: "I asked myself, I said 'Self...who do you think is trying to get you?'"
  • WWE showing a pre-taped picture-in-picture R-Truth interview as he makes his way to the ring in real time; R-Truth starts cutting a promo like everyone has done in a PIP interview since the 80s before Truth stops himself, peers into the camera, and asks: "Wait...who am I talking to?"
  • R-Truth's Disneyland trip. The last line kills it.
  • The entire Milwalkee incident. Bonus points for Michael Cole chanting with the crowd, only for them to IMMEDIATELY stop.
    • This was paid off with one HELL of a Brick Joke, several years later, when R-Truth was featured in a match in Milwaukee on an episode of Smackdown. R-Truth opens his promo with, "Where am I?"
  • "R-Truth! That's R dash Truth!"
  • His short-lived stint as "R Ziggler", serving as Dolph's stunt-double and tag partner in a hilarious Take That! to The Miz and Damien Mizdow.
  • His participation in the Intercontinental Title hijinks leading up to Wrestlemania. Basically, a bunch of midcarders fighting over the belt. Not the actual title of IC Champion, mind you (although most of them have their own storyline claim to a match with the current champion, which is eventually meant to be resolved in a ladder match at Wrestlemania), the Intercontinental Title Belt. (Mostly, this consists mostly of a bunch of guys physically stealing the belt from one another.''
    • The 3/2/15 RAW during this stretch saw R-Truth on guest commentary. He and the regular commentary team call back to one of his funnier promos. Apparently he's still afraid of heights and spiders, and still has a hard time differentiating between "acrophobia" (heights) and "arachnophobia" (spiders).
  • His try to cut a Money in the Bank promo, only to be told he's not in the match much to his embarrassmenT. He even won a Slammy for it.
  • Speaking of the Slammy, when Santino Marella tried to accept the Slammy on his behalf, R-Truth came out to get it. Santino uses Look, a Distraction!, and R-Truth falls for it.
  • Then there was the time he inexplicably got caught up in The Wyatt Family's entrance to their match against The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer.
    Jerry Lawler: I think R-Truth took a wrong turn, guys! (Truth waves at crowd, Wyatt Family Smash Cut happens) You might wanna get out of there, Truth!
  • Royal Rumble 2016. R-Truth runs out, pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring, tosses it in and, with the ref and the other wrestlers watching bewildered, climbs the ladder and reaches up to get a suitcase that isn't there. He promptly jumps down and gets tossed out by Kane.
  • His "selfie stick" now that he's hanging out with Tyler Breeze, it's a tree branch, leaves and all, with a cell phone duct-taped to the end.