Funny / Ron Killings

Ever since his Face–Heel Turn in 2011, R-Truth has been a source of many memes and a periodic belly laugh. note 

  • At the Raw after the Capitol Punishment PPV, R-Truth, The Miz, and Christian have a discussion over who got screwed the most during said PPV, and said discussion devolves into this.
  • From his backstage promo at the 2011 Survivor Series PPV: "I was out there, I was outside Madison Square Garden. I saw all those pigeons staring up at The Rock and Cena (billboard). I screamed at those pigeons. I said 'Hey pigeons! The Rock and Cena are gonna lose tonight!' You know what those pigeons said to me? *Beat* Nothing. They're pigeons. Pigeons don't talk, all they do is crap."
    • That beat was actually Matt Striker cooing as a response to Truth's presumably hypothetical question.
    • How funny was it? The MSG crowd gave him an ovation as he finished his promo out of sheer appreciation of the hilarity.
  • R-Truth's confrontation with Jimmy Hart, where he accuses him for being a "Little Jimmy".
  • When John Cena was mentioning the fact that they used to be cool before feuding. R-Truth's response?
  • Confederate soldier R-Truth. It made "Stone Cold" Steve Austin drop everything and leave the skit.
  • R-Truth's short promo before MITB 2011, where he expresses his fear of heights and spiders. Aswell as this little gem: "THAT BRIEFCASE IS GON GET GOT!"
  • R-Truth getting interviewed by Josh Matthews. Insanity at its finest!
  • After being betrayed by Miz in November 2011 (right after they lost to Cena/Rock at Survivor Series), Truth made his Heel–Face Return the last week of the year - naturally, interrupting a Miz promo and beating the hell out of him. The following week (1/2/12), Miz appeals to John Laurinaitis - the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the interim GM of RAW - for help because Miz feels, in his words, like a sitting duck. Miz, dissatisfied with Laurinaitis' efforts, storms off. Enter R-Truth from another angle, staring at the camera with his eyes popping out off his skull. Suddenly, he tucks his arms and starts flapping...and quacking. Seriously.
  • On the Raw show before the Elimination Chamber, the Raw Superstars who where gonna be in the Chamber had a debate on weather or not they win. When it gets to Truth, he in his own little world, thinks it's a Presidential debate...or perhaps a sports press conference (he mentions trading Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero at one point), or maybe a trial. Watch the glorious insanity right here. The clip starts at Truths part.
    R-Truth: Oh, really? (Big "WHAT?!" from the crowd) Well if I'm elected...
    Dolph Ziggler: (in step with the Big "WHAT?!" from the crowd) What.
    • At one point, Dolph finally has enough and calls the entire debate a joke, only to be shut down by R-Truth's patented brand of Insane Troll Logic. "I WILL NOT BE TALKED DOWN TO BY A MAN NAMED AFTER FLIPPER! KIKI! KIKI! KIKIKIKI!" Dolph's face of utter disbelief is classic.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it one: "I asked myself, I said 'Self...who do you think is trying to get you?'"
  • WWE showing a pre-taped picture-in-picture R-Truth interview as he makes his way to the ring in real time; R-Truth starts cutting a promo like everyone has done in a PIP interview since the 80s before Truth stops himself, peers into the camera, and asks: "Wait...who am I talking to?"
  • R-Truth's Disneyland trip. The last line kills it.
  • The entire Milwalkee incident. Bonus points for Michael Cole chanting with the crowd, only for them to IMMEDIATELY stop.
    • This was paid off with one HELL of a Brick Joke, several years later, when R-Truth was featured in a match in Milwaukee on an episode of Smackdown. R-Truth opens his promo with, "Where am I?"
  • "R-Truth! That's R dash Truth!"
  • His short-lived stint as "R Ziggler", serving as Dolph's stunt-double and tag partner in a hilarious Take That! to The Miz and Damien Mizdow.
  • His participation in the Intercontinental Title hijinks leading up to Wrestlemania. Basically, a bunch of midcarders fighting over the belt. Not the actual title of IC Champion, mind you (although most of them have their own storyline claim to a match with the current champion, which is eventually meant to be resolved in a ladder match at Wrestlemania), the Intercontinental Title Belt. (Mostly, this consists mostly of a bunch of guys physically stealing the belt from one another.''
    • The 3/2/15 RAW during this stretch saw R-Truth on guest commentary. He and the regular commentary team call back to one of his funnier promos. Apparently he's still afraid of heights and spiders, and still has a hard time differentiating between "acrophobia" (heights) and "arachnophobia" (spiders).
  • His try to cut a Money in the Bank promo, only to be told he's not in the match much to his embarrassment. He even won a Slammy for it.
  • Speaking of the Slammy, when Santino Marella tried to accept the Slammy on his behalf, R-Truth came out to get it. Santino uses Look, a Distraction!, and R-Truth falls for it.
  • Then there was the time he inexplicably got caught up in The Wyatt Family's entrance to their match against The Dudley Boyz and Tommy Dreamer.
    Jerry Lawler: I think R-Truth took a wrong turn, guys! (Truth waves at crowd, Wyatt Family Smash Cut happens) You might wanna get out of there, Truth!
  • Royal Rumble 2016. R-Truth runs out, pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring, tosses it in and, with the ref and the other wrestlers watching bewildered, climbs the ladder and reaches up to get a suitcase that isn't there. He promptly jumps down and gets tossed out by Kane.
  • His "selfie stick" now that he's hanging out with Tyler Breeze, it's a tree branch, leaves and all, with a cell phone duct-taped to the end.