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Funny: Psycho-Pass
  • Akane & Gino's digital avatars in Episode 4. Akane's is a Super-Deformed version of herself, while Gino's is... a giant nickel. As in the American coin. That has "Liverty" spelled on it.
  • In Episode 6, Akane goes to Kagari to try to pry a bit more into Kogami's past as an Inspector. When Kagari wonders at her reasons for doing so he asks her if she just might be in love with him. Her response is the only time she laughs in the series.
  • Episode 7 sees Akane Eating the Eye Candy. She shrugs it off rather nonchalantly when Kogami asks if there's anything on his face.
  • In Episode 10, Kogami realizes that Yuki is the key to finding what they need to escape and tells her to Take Off Your Clothes. Yuki is indignant, but complies. She throws her bra at him... and it lands on his head. The best part is when he doesn't even react.
  • While mostly a dark episode, episode 11 has a rare moment of funny, when Masaoka stops an injured Kogami from running off...courtesy of a wicked headbutt.
  • In Episode 13, Kogami returns to work after being in the hospital due to events of Episode 11. When Yayoi asks about his injuries, Kogami says that he threatened to set fire to his hospital room if they kept him any longer. Kagari's response? "That's the Ko-chan we know and love." The kicker? Kogami says he was just kidding.
  • Episode 16: In addition to being an Awesome Moment for Akane, there is something beautifully hilarious seeing Makishima, who has just finished kicking Kogami's ass and preparing to kill him in the same manner as he killed Yuki, get taken down via Akane hitting him with one of his own helmets.
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