Heartwarming: Psycho-Pass

Despite the grimdark feel of the series, it's also got a few heartwarming moments.

Season 1

  • When Kagari first meets Akane, he blushes and excitedly calls her cute.
  • From the sixth radio drama, we get this monologue from Kagari:
    "I still loathe the world of the so called wholesome citizens, but I enjoy working as an Enforcer. Not as a shield for them, but as a hound for Unit 1 of the Criminal Investigation Department with the Public Safety Bureau where there're Kou-chan, Akane-chan, Gino-san, Kunicchi, Pops, sensei... The place where all of them are is the place where I belong."
  • When Kougami is restricted to HQ to keep him from interfering the Makashima case, the other Enforcers secretly aid him in his escape from HQ. Also, in the same episode, Akane admits to Kougami that his desire to be a detective rather than a hound was what motivated her to stay as an Inspector.
  • Ginoza telling Chief Kasei that Akane is an excellent employee in episode 6. Coming from him, that means a lot.
  • At the end of episode 10, Ginoza is berating Akane for continuing to believe that Kogami was in danger rather than sharing Ginoza's opinion that he ran away. When Kogami finally radios in to report what happened, the way her face lights up upon her faith in Kogami being validated is easily one of the anime's most "DAAWWWW" inducing moments.
  • Verging on Tear Jerker is Ginoza's conversation with Masaoka in episode 13, especially in the context of the episode's opening scene in which Ginoza's therapist tells him to go talk to someone close to him. At the time, Ginoza insists that he can't talk to his father. Later he goes to talk to him anyway under the pretext of asking about Akane's admirable mental resilience. Even though he ends up raging at Masaoka for destroying his family, Masaoka is still concerned about his son not falling him down the same path, despite his attempts to frame it as him being subordinate concerned about his boss.
  • In episode 18, when Akane falls asleep in her chair waiting for Kougami to wake.
    • Also, when Kogami comforts Akane after its all over despite being on a stretcher.
  • Shion comforting Akane in episode 19.
  • From episode 19, the picture of Masaoka and young Ginoza in happier times.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, Episode 21 has Masaoka's last words confirming his love for his son Nobuchika Ginoza, despite the falling out they had in their relationship.
  • Episode 22 has Akane keeping her ideals even after everything that happened, and telling the Sibyl System that humans will always strive to make the world better. Akane also says that people won't need the Sibyl System one day.
  • Another moment from Episode 22 is Ginoza talking to his father's grave, finally understanding and loving him.
  • Kougami carrying Akane to safety. What makes it even more heartwarming is the fact that he's in the middle of pursuing Makishima. Even after throwing away his life as a detective for revenge, he still prioritizes her safety above killing Makishima.
  • This. After the show's ending, while on the run from the authorities, Kougami takes a moment to call Akane just to let her know he's okay. He also tells her not to be surprised if she finds his dead body someday, but she refuses to think like that, hoping that one day they'll be able to meet again, not as Enforcer and Inspector, but as regular people. Also doubles as a big Sequel Hook for the second season.
  • It's small, but in Episode 22 when Makishima is in the truck in an attempt to escape and Akane is hanging onto it, Kougami actually shouts her first name in a moment of shock, rather than Inspector Tsunemori or just Tsunemori.

Season 2

  • In the first episode, Akane refuses to open fire on the criminal because it will kill him as his Crime Coefficient is over 300. But it's only at 302, so she realizes she may be able to get it down to the nonlethal zone. Over the protests of her fellow Inspector Shimotsuki, Akane successfully manages to get his Coefficient down by convincing the man that You Are Better Than You Think You Are after he admits he feels like Sibyl has decided his existence is unnecessary. And then after the suspect is apprehended, she actually gives a heartfelt thanks and a bow to her Enforcer team, which completely baffles Shimotsuki.
  • In episode 7, when Akane gets word that her grandmother may be in danger from Kamui's hijacked drones, she drops everything and rushes to the nursing home where Aoi Tsunemori is confined to. Fortunately, she's OK, and sends Akane off with some kind words.
  • Gino's continued, obvious concern for Akane's well-being as things start to heat up and she becomes dangerously obsessed with the case.
    • He's also wearing his dad's coat and has left his glasses off, showing his acceptance of his father's behavior and himself as his father's replacement.
  • The increasingly blatant hints that Akane really misses Kogami - the cigarettes that she doesn't actually smoke, stopping Tougane from becoming a murderer in the way that she couldn't with Kogami, and finally her brainstorming session with a mental version of him in episode 7.
  • Yayoi comforting Mika in episode 5 by petting her head.
  • Yayoi and Hinakawa comforting Akane after her grandmother's ear is given to her in a box. It's nice to see how much Division 1 cares about her.
    • Surprisingly, Dr. Saiga, usually cool and unflappable, seemed especially furious about it.
  • After Akane has her rights as an Inspector rescinded, two Inspectors try to arrest her for disobedience. Cue Ginoza and Hinakawa rushing in to not only defend her but also to inform the Inspectors that her rights had been reinstated.
    • Also, Ginoza thanks Sugo for saving him from Shisui, showing that he can now accept Sugo as a friend in spite of his actions in episode 4.