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Tear Jerker: Psycho-Pass
  • Yuki's death and the aftermath. Especially Akane's Madness Mantra.
    • Her funeral in episode 13 is also depressing.
  • Episode 16: Kagari's Cruel and Unusual Death via a hacked dominator.
  • Episode 18: Shinya's farewell letter to Akane and Akane's reaction.
  • Episode 19: the picture of little Ginoza sitting in his father's arms.
  • Episode 21: Masaoka's death and the reactions of both Ginoza and Kogami.
  • Episode 22: Akane's face when she realizes that she's failed to keep Kogami from killing Makishima.
    • Also in that same episode, Ginoza ruefully notes that Section 2 has been ordered to abandon their search for Kagari. He then reveals that he doesn't really think Kagari is alive anyway. The sad part is that Akane knows for a fact that Kagari is definitely dead, but she can't tell Ginoza he's right without compromising the true nature of the Sibyl System, so she sadly keeps quiet about it and quickly changes the subject to start talking about Kougami and where he might be.
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