Funny / Pony Fantasy VI

If you thought the Woolseyisms from the vanilla game were memorable, this retelling does its best to one-up them.

  • When Celestia lends Twilight her Unicorn Esper, Applebloom naturally wants to learn Magic too, only to sulk when she's told she can't. Celestia's reassurance that she has her own talents doesn't comfort her one bit. Ironically enough, due to the skill reshuffling the new mechanics caused, said unique talent? Using Tools, same as Celestia's counterpart Edgar.
  • When Applebloom leaves to go back to Canterlot City, she warns Twilight not to let Celestia "do anything odd" to her, and Luna laughs about how her sister "still has a reputation". It seems Celestia + Edgar = Molestia.
    • Not always, however, which can be even funnier. At one point she mentions using the "caring mother" routine on a soldier to extract information much the same way Edgar uses seduction.
  • Luna unintentionally browbeating Fluttershy into joining her party during their first meeting together.
  • Pinkie Pie, as usual. Particularly outstanding is her rambling if you talk to her while she watches the Opera, where she recounts going to a "creepy and boring" play but was kept entertained by some hecklers in the front row.
  • For that matter, she may have at least one foot over the Moral Event Horizon, but Emperor Gilda's Totally Radical dialogue is something to see. Whereas Gestahl was a fairly generic Evil Overlord, Gilda's dialogue is almost as amusing as Discord's/Kefka's.
  • The random enemies that can Fus-Ro-Dah your party members away. If you don't see it coming, it's a hillariously awesome Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.