YMMV / Pony Fantasy VI

  • Crack Pairing: In the original game, Locke and Celes had a budding romance. This makes interactions between their replacements, Applebloom and Trixie, somewhat awkward to see. Though their relationship certainly isn't romantic.
  • Crazy Awesome: There's a reason Pinkie stands in for Gau. Being able to copy nearly any monster attack in the game simply through her randomness is perfectly in-character for her.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Discord fills the role of Kefka in this game. Cut to the Japanese premiere of "Return of Harmony", and we have Shigeru Chiba, the Japanese voice of Kefka in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, playing the role of Discord.
  • Les Yay: Unfortunately for the rewrite, Trixie (Celes) and Apple Bloom (Locke) still have a lot of awkward chemistry, making it look less like friendship and more like er, something else.
  • Narm: Some references and characters really haven't aged well since the hack was made, making them more than a bit embarrassing now. Coupled with some rather strange character replacements, it's no wonder there's being calls for a rewrite.
    • A few YouTube commenters have remarked that they think Spike and Rarity would have been better in the roles of Locke and Celes instead of Apple Bloom and Trixie for obvious reasons.
    • For that matter, some fans claim Shining Armor should have been a natural choice for General Leo instead of Zecora. That said, Zecora certainly gives more memorable dialogue.
    • It's a bit odd that the person who plans to rule an Empire of Magic is Gilda the Griffon, since Griffons are not known to use magic in any (pony-based) works.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: One of the hack's most contentious issues is some of the odd casting choices. One of the most perplexing is Gilda as Emperor Gestahl, casting a Totally Radical Monster of the Week as a prominent antagonist, while Discord, a Mad God, is subservient to her.