YMMV / Pony Fantasy VI

  • Crack Pairing: In the original game, Locke and Celes had a budding romance. This makes interactions between their replacements, Applebloom and Trixie, somewhat awkward to see. Though their relationship certainly isn't romantic.
  • Crazy Awesome: There's a reason Pinkie stands in for Gau. Being able to copy nearly any monster attack in the game simply through her randomness is perfectly in-character for her.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Discord fills the role of Kefka in this game. Cut to the Japanese premiere of "Return of Harmony", and we have Shigeru Chiba, the Japanese voice of Kefka in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, playing the role of Discord.
  • Les Yay: Unfortunately for the rewrite, Trixie (Celes) and Apple Bloom (Locke) still have a lot of awkward chemistry, making it look less like friendship and more like er, something else.
  • Narm: Some references and characters really haven't aged well since the hack was made, making them more than a bit embarrassing now. Coupled with some rather strange character replacements, it's no wonder there's being calls for a rewrite.
    • A few YouTube commenters have remarked that they think Spike and Rarity would have been better in the roles of Locke and Celes instead of Applebloom and Trixie for obvious reasons.
    • For that matter, some fans claim Shining Armor should have been a natural choice for General Leo instead of Zecora. That said, Zecora certainly gives more memorable dialogue.
    • It's a bit odd that the person who plans to rule an Empire of Magic is Gilda the Griffon, since Griffons are not known to use magic in any (pony-based) works.