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Funny: Ōkami
  • This should be reason enough to talk to people after major story events as often as you can: Talk to Mr. Orange after the festival ends. Old man's got moves.
  • Issun's reaction to several attractive females in the game. From being completely bewildered by Rao's... Assets, to his pleasant and unexpected surprise when meeting Kaguya, soon culminating with Queen Himiko; once the camera pans back to Ammy, Issun is no longer on her nose, and is now love-stunned rolling around on the floor. Talk about falling in love.
  • Speaking of Rao...
    Issun: Oh the wonders of nature! An endless valley between two lofty peaks!
    • When she shows up in the ghost ship, the camera zooms in just a bit into her chest. We then see that they even have the female Ammy distracted.
    • It's pretty funny that Issun can fit something as large as the Fox Rods into his tiny pockets, but's even more funny considering that Rao can store that, along with dozens of prayer slips, in her cleavage.
  • "SUSANO-STYLE EXPLODING IMPLOSION!" "SUSANO-STYLE SLEEPING MONK: HIDDEN SAKE!" Becomes a Crowning Moment of Awesome when he attempts to slay Orochi.
  • Five words: "It takes two to tango." Even the god is ashamed.
    • Speaking of Waka, "Look! The moon! The moon came out!" *ding ding*
    • Also when Waka is recapping the story towards the beginning, the camera pans back to Ammy to find that she's asleep.
  • Many of the intro scenes of the celestial brush gods are good doses of awesome, but a few of them duck out of the awesome and turn into this instead, such as Kabegami who is a crowning moment of cute (and gives Issun a very good reason to hate her) and Kasugami with her epic fail at pulling a Matrix.
  • The Paper-Thin Disguise Infiltration with Amaterasu having to infiltrate a demonic compound with a piece of paper stuck to her nose with whatever design you want on it. Can lead to some hilarious results.
    • And you're still wearing it when you confront Orochi, so you get to see eight roaring heads become eight very confused heads.
    • A classic that becomes even funnier thanks to Refuge in Audacity.
  • When you are about to go to the final dungeon and before you enter the Ark of Yamato, Issun decides to leave, and reminisces that it all started in the valley of Sakyua's chest. Chugga said it best.
  • Many of the little things you can do with your powers can have hilarious results. See some birds flying in the air, use gust and watch them spinning about. But one that takes the cake is during the Kamiki festival after Orochi's defeat and you find Mr. Bamboo, Nameless Man, and Mushi's father drunk and sitting in a circle. Use watersprout on the Thunderbrew and watch as they pass out in a drunken daze!
    • And if you try to raise the sun during the festival, Issun scolds you for being a party-pooper.
  • How Kabegami and Amaterasu bond when they meet - by batting Issun around whilst running off into a field of flowers!
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that afterwards, Issun is on the floor dazed while Amaterasu and Kabegami talk.
  • If you visit Issun's old room in Ponc'tan, you find pictures of acorns.... and pictures of nude women displaying the parts of their bodies that most resemble acorns. Oh, Issun.
  • It might just be the whiplash, but Orochi's thunder head is just hilarious.
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