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Trivia: Ōkami
  • Acclaimed Flop: It's hard to think that the most beloved work of Clover Studios is also the one that led to their dissolution… (for a little while).
  • Name's the Same:
    • Kuni (Kuninushi in the Japanese version) appears to be named for Okuninushi, one of the lesser known kami.
    • The name "Ōkami" was first used by Capcom in Senjou no Okami shoot'em up series.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Initially, the game would have been much more realistic looking. However, this was changed early on, since the the watercolor look helped convey the concept of restoration.
    • Ammy could fire laser beams from mirrors, and had to fight monkeys and panthers. These can be seen in the videos, if you have more than 30 hours of playtime.
    • According to the art book for the game, Ammy could have transformed into a dolphin upon diving into a deep body of water, and into an eagle upon launching herself off a high cliff.

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