Funny / Oggy and the Cockroaches

Everything can practically be funny in this show, and if we put all these instances in a single page, there would be way too many examples to list.
  • The Cockroaches' reaction when they realize that Oggy can inflict bad luck on them when painted like a black cat in "Wrong Side of the Bed".
  • Near the end of "Saturday Black Fever", Joey is using a magnifying glass to verify the authenticity of the banknote when he accidentally sets fire to it with the magnifying glass and a drop of oil lands on the fire, resulting in a huge explosion which destroys the entire house. This leaves Oggy to blame the roaches for it.
  • "Sitcom". After watching a sitcom, the cockroaches try to trick Oggy by using a device which can play a laugh track. Later, Oggy ends up swallowing the device whole while Jack and Monica are arguing. However the cockroaches still have a remote which can trigger the device. At the end, though, Oggy regurgitates the device and it ends up in Jack's stomach!
  • "Night Watchmen" ends with Jack successfully pulling an Epic Fail. After Oggy manages to nab and bury cockroaches, he (literally) kicks Jack into gear for his nightshift. In a span of about 10 seconds, still half-asleep, Jack mistakes a nearby canister full of toxins for milk to pour into coffee. Cue explosion that reduces Earth to a charred half-eaten apple. Not long after, the cockroaches unearth themselves among burnt Jack and Oggy, marvel at the destruction and sincerely give the two chumps thumbs up.
  • In the episode "Olivia", while Oggy is distracted by the titular new character, the roaches sneak up and smash his tail with a wooden mallet... only for Oggy to not feel it at all. In confusion, they whack his tail a few more times before Joey takes the mallet and tests the weapon on Marky and Dee Dee. They assure Joey it works, much to Joey's continuing befuddlement!