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Shout Out: Oggy and the Cockroaches
Being a Xilam cartoon, it has references to the other cartoon, Space Goofs.

  • The playhouse in "Baby Doll" is the same house the Space Goofs live in.
  • In "So Lonely", Oggy whistles to their theme tune.
  • In another episode, there is a framed picture of Gorgious Klatoo.
  • In "Bitter Chocolate", A group picture of the Space Goofs, including Stereo from Season 1, is framed in one of the rooms.
  • In "Night Watchmen", after Oggy and the Cockroaches fell in toxic waste and turned into goo, They crawled inside a washing machine and turned into clothes and then into farm animals and then the Space Goofs themselves.

There are also other shout outs as well:

  • In "First Flight", the cockroaches were flipping Oggy side by side on the plane (as he was literally turned into molding clay), Oggy looked like a familiar blue creature in white and blue.
  • In another episode, Jack built a small canoe and its name was Titanic.
  • In "Keep Cool", after Jack's car is stranded on an iceberg, a ship named Titanic collides with the iceberg, little like the real Titanic (The real Titanic's side was scraped by the iceberg).
  • The name of the episode "Oggy Van Winkle" seems to be a parody of Rip Van Winkle.
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