Awesome / Oggy and the Cockroaches

In General

Episode Specific

  • Oggy's Batman Gambit in "Mission Oggy" (and its season 6 remastering, "Crackdown on the Fridge"). After realizing that no matter what, the roaches will always find a way into his fridge even after placing several high-security traps, Oggy formulates a new plan to get back at the roaches. The next day, while Oggy is fake-sleeping, the roaches see this as another opportunity to raid the fridge. However, when they open the fridge, they all scream in terror when they find out that this time, Oggy has put all of the traps inside the fridge and they are all armed and ready to attack the roaches. Cue Smash Cut back to Oggy, where he then reveals that he hid all of the fridge's food under his pillow. He then happily grabs a box of chocolatesnote  and prepares to eat one. Made even more cathartic when this is the first time that Oggy has ever outsmarted the roaches thus far in the series.
  • The ending of "The Patient". After putting Jack through utter hell while he's sick, the Cockroaches end up frozen in an ice block along with Jack (again). However, the Cockroaches are now horrified after they learn that Oggy is going to have a massive thermometer shoved up in their ass (keep in mind that the thermometer is two times bigger than Oggy in comparison to the already small Cockroaches!) to check their tempature. The Cockroaches begin to scream in terror while Jack silently grins at their impending suffering.
  • The ending of "Oggy vs Super Roach". As now-super-powered Joey and Marky are taking their well-deserved revenge on their pal-turned-bully Dee Dee inside, Oggy calmly walks near his house. Then he lifts it up, spins it around and abruptly stops. Cue inertia doing the rest as the cockroach trio is launched into the window which breaks off and sails into space, followed by Oggy dropping the building into place and posing proudly. Cue iris out.
  • During "Race to the Finish", the cats nearly convince the cockroaches to leave by unknowingly pestering them by their remote cars. Too bad one last car zooming past during their departure makes them realize who's responsible.
  • The Bolivian Army Ending in the episode "Cloning Around" definitely counts.
  • The end of "Virtual Voyage": Joey returns to his home, only to find his fellow roaches messing with his stuff and not really caring about his disappearance into a virtual dimension. Cue him advancing onto the startled duo brandishing a fist.
  • In "The Abominable Snow Moth", Oggy defeats the titular now humongous glutton by making it step onto a crowbar, causing it to fly into the air, land on its head and knock the moth out. Oggy then ties it up while it's unconscious.
  • Jack gets one in the episode "All Out of Shape" (Which can easily be considered Oggy's most torturous episode to date) In the episode the Roaches torture Oggy by making a Voodoo Doll of him out of clay. Then throughout the episode Oggy slowly gets more and more mangled as the Roaches keep messing with the doll such as turning it into a ball or crushing it with a steamroller. It gets to the point where Oggy finally loses hope on ever fixing his body and starts crying, how does Jack react to this? He uses the Voodoo Dolls of the Roaches and starts inflating them! First he does it to Dee Dee and Marky, but all of the sudden Joey surrenders and even changes Oggy's body back to normal in hopes that he wont be inflated, Jack doesn't buy it and then inflates them so hard that they eventually explode.
  • In "Copy Cat", Oggy manages to beat up and kick his Evil Robot Copy all the way to space after destroying his figurines, he then does the same to Bob and the Cockroaches, possibly because he remembered all of the times they have wronged him throughout the show. We are then treated to see both Bob and the Roaches stuck on the moon, fleeing in terror as the Robot Copy continues to chase them. It's really nice to see Oggy actually fight back against Bob for once after all of the times he gets beaten up by him.
  • Oggy using the photocopier to shrink down the Cockroaches to a microscopic size and leaving them to be eaten by germs in "Paper Chase". Considering the absolute hell the Cockroaches put Oggy through once he turned into a piece of paper, this was a well deserved punishment.
  • Oggy's Roaring Rampage of Revenge in "Panic Room".
  • Dee Dee delivering two No Holds Barred Beatdowns; one on a sewer rat and another one on an octopus that stole all of Oggy's possessions in "Inspector Dee Dee".
  • The Cockroaches destroying Bob's hotel, complete with them blowing up the entire building in "High Rise Nightmare".
  • When the roaches end up getting Oggy, Jack and Bob turned into children by a witch in "Back to the Past! (Featuring Olivia)", said featured character is stuck babysitting and is soon at her wit's end. So she ties up the insects and explains that she and Joey will be going on a trip to locate the witch and convince her to undo the spell while Dee Dee and Marky watch the kids. When they naturally refuse, Olivia, with a look that says, "You misunderstand; I didn't say you have a choice," whips out a spiked swatter and the cockroaches swiftly change their minds! Yes, the character who is Friend to All Living Things actually threatens the trio with bodily harm when she thinks they've gone too far and successfully gets them to do what she wants!