Funny: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

  • Watching Bowser and Eggman snowboarding? Wha. is this world coming to?
    • Or Bowser and Eggman figure skating, for that matter.
    • London 2012 continues the hilarity with its ribbon competition.
    • Yoshi on horseback.
    • The sheer Mood Whiplash potential in all three games.
    Shadow: I'll show you my ultimate power... (begins throwing snowballs at the opponent)
    • I've always wanted to know who could win a Table Tennis match between Shadow and Luigi, and now I can finally find out!
  • Winter Olympics had a special "Spot the VIP" goal at certain points, where a character wrote to you, telling you to keep an eye out for them at a certain event. One of these characters is Chaos.
  • London 2012 Olympics had the Dream Hurdles on a rotating platform from Battlerock Galaxy. When it speeds up, so does the music. The rotation does have a max speed, but by then, the music will be broken.
  • The rivals from the Winter Olympics come back for London 2012. Dry Bowser's event? Dream Long Jump.
  • The plot of the DS version of Winter reveals that Vector ditched his work and joined the Olympics while Espio and Charmy are still doing their job, and they call him out on it. Even better, this is arguably true for every game in the series.
  • Luigi breakdancing when he gets 1st place: hilarious. Luigi breakdancing after beating Sonic and Shadow at a speed match: priceless.
  • These commercials for the first game. They revolve around Mario and Sonic (two guys in suits) trying to sabotage each other's interviews for the upcoming games. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Sochi game features special victory animations if characters have interesting relationships, shown here. Highlights include:
    • Sonic and Amy
    • Sonic and Eggman, with Sonic backflipping off Eggman's shoulder.
    • Eggman and Metal Sonic. Eggman claps Metal Sonic on the back while MS gives a "Psssh, whatever, Dad!" gesture.
    • If you're into the 'Shadow is Silver's dad' thing, their winning animation has a lot of "That's my boy" and "Dad, that was awesome!" to it. Even if you're not, there's some good bro action going on.