Funny / Maken-ki!

Manga examples

Chapter 10

Chapter 16
  • Yan-Min finally unseals her Jingu ("Kinben"), which takes the form of a twin-tailed whip; causing Inaho to picture her as a dominatrix!

Chapter 19

Chapter 22
  • You'd expect someone with awesome dimensional powers like Minerva's to be more of a threat... which she could be, IF she weren't such a ditz. Or, if she wasn't so hung up with stealing other girls' panties.

Chapter 29

Chapter 34
  • Everyone knows Takeru's a perv, but you know it's bad when Uruchi lampshades why leaving him alone with Haruko was a bad idea. Takeru takes offense to the accusation... then had admit it was a fair point, all of a second later!
    Ms. Aki: (to Uruchi) "Having you panic around the patient will only cause her unnecessary stress. We'll leave her in the care of Takeru-kun."
    Uruchi: (objecting as she's being pushed out the room) "But if we leave that pervert alone with Haruko-senpai, he's definitely going to take her virginity...!!"
    Takeru: (thinking) "Why doesn't she trust me...?"

Chapter 56

Anime examples

Episode 9
  • In a classic example of, 'open mouth, insert feet', Himegami's 'fanclub' declares their love for her body, including her "itty-bitty-titties". When her shikigami try to speak up for her, they only make things worse by inadvertently insulting her, themselves (seen at 12:06-12:53):
    Kagezuchi: (indignant) "How DARE they?? Who do they think they are, calling YOU flat-chested?!"
    Igazuchi: (deadpan) "Losers... There's a massive heart inside that tiny chest."
    *grabs both shikigami and chucks them out of the pool, then turns on her fanclub*
    Himegami: (face cast in shadow with Slasher Smile) "They may be small, but guess what, you losers... YOU'LL NEVER GET TO SEE 'EM!!"
    *charges across the pool and fries all of them with lightning*
  • Yuuka breaks the fourth wall, during her commentary, after Aki scores a point for the girls' team:
    Yuuka: (over the mic) "Ms. Aki just took out some random guy, but he's not a main character. So who cares?"
  • The plot to the second season's eighth episode involves student Kengo Usui being made principal of the school and changing the curriculum to things that cause the female students to do suggestive things. Eventually the girls get fed up with being exploited and revolt. Kengo is informed about the fact that his forces are outnumbered, and he tells everyone but two of his underlings to leave the room. Then he chews them out. Yes, it's a parody of Downfall (which was made famous by Hitler Rants). Totally unexpected to see this in an anime, and that's why it's awesome.