Funny: Macross 7

  • The Fleet of the Strongest Women "Encore" episode.
    • Minmay ended a war by moving the hearts of countless alien warriors with her voice. Bassara does the same, only he turns them all into squealing fangirls.
    • For extra fun, the The Federation wants Macross 7 to attack the MeltrandiExplanation fleet so Advisor Exedore Explanation  orders co-ordinates for the Macross Cannon to fire at. The co-ordinates cause the Macross Cannon to fire straight up which isn't even close to where the Meltrandi fleet is located. This is lampshaded by one of the Bridge Bunnies who states that "There are zero enemy casualties. The Macross Cannon missed big time... anyway, Basara's song seems to be working." Exedore responds with a smug smirk that confirms he did that deliberately.
    Federation Admiral: What happened, Adviser Exedore!?
    (the admiral breaks out into Angrish and logs out)
    • For extra hilarity, the Bridge Bunny then proposes to Exedore that they should go on a date sometime. Exedore promptly demonstrates that even Zentradi can do a Luminescent Blush.
  • The Which one Do You Love? "Encore" episode has Miria panicking when she gets sick and thinking she's about to die, which turns into hilarity as she tries to marry off both Mylene and Gamlin (not to each other) and steals a Sound Booster to sing "one last song" for the fleet... only for the doctor to reveal that she has a cold.
  • When watching the Jamming Birds squadron epically fail at replicating Fire Bomber's musical awesomeness in battle, Exedol comments that he sometimes wonders why the Protodeviln haven't wiped the whole fleet out yet.
  • Episode 34. Gigil singing. Wow. Even the other Protodeviln he was fighting are so stunned that they just let him go.