Trivia / Macross 7

  • The plot and characters for Macross 7 appeared in the game Super Robot Wars Destiny, it later appeared in Alpha 3, and it also appeared in Z2: Saisei-hen, with Dynamite 7 debuting in the same game.)
  • No Export for You: Ignoring the usual licensing issues surrounding Macross, no anime translation company could afford the music for Macross 7, which is held under separate license from the series.
    • Mainly due to the fact that Fire Bomber has let out 13 albums so far, and the record company has them under an "all-or-nothing" usage deal. This is also the reason why Super Robot Wars wasn't able to get full voiced versions of Fire Bomber's songs in Alpha 3, even though the director really wanted to.
    • Back when ADV was still around (and thus the anime dubbing industry was still at the top of its game), one of their reps was asked at a convention how much it would cost to license Macross 7;;. The rep took a minute to think and, to paraphrase him, "Maybe if every licensing group in the US pooled their money together, we'd be about a third of the way'' to bring over M7 with all of its songs intact."
  • Non-Singing Voice: As mentioned in the main section, Fire Bomber's songs were performed by the real-life J-Rock band, Humming Bird.