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Awesome: Macross 7
  • Max's part in Operation Stargazer was supposed to be directing the pilots from the Stargazer, but when the pilots were blocked by Varauta's defenses, he jumped in his fighter. One minute later, he had reached the mission objective and placed the Reaction weapon, with the best pilots of Macross 7 fleet wondering where all the explosion that had just broke open the defenses came from.
  • Gigil's Dying Moment of Awesome: he has recently begun singing in an effort to awaken Sivil, which, unknown to him, causes a build-up of Spiritia in him. This allows him to awaken his true Protodeviln body light-years away on planet Varauta... and he proceeds to Fold directly from Varauta to Lux, and gets into such a big fight against the other Protodeviln, in Sivil's defense, that he ends up killing Valgo and physically annihilating half the planet in the process!
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